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Buppha Thai Catering is Coming Soon!

I will be providing Thai catering for companies, offices, schools, workplaces, NHS, etc. in and around London soon! Feel free to contact me if you want...
Just Cook, Mains, Pork, Type of Meat
Chicken, Just Cook, Mains
Kitchen's Secret

2 Easy Ways to Peel The Garlic

I think we all know how annoying it is to peel the garlic. When you have to cook food, but then thinking of peeling the...
Thai Sauces and Dipping
Just Cook, Pork, Rice, Type of Meat
Egg, Just Cook, Mains, Pork
Just Cook, Mains, Pork

Pork Meatballs with Thai Herbs

We eat pork a lot in Thailand, which could be minced pork, pork chop, pork ribs, pork shoulder, pig’s organ (which we use a lot in...

A Worth Visiting Knitting Show

I don’t know why my site was quite slow. So I decided to re-install everything. I hope it runs smoother this time with a fresh...

Delicious Homemade Dumplings

I like dumpling very much. So today, I decided to make my own dumplings for my lunch. I used minced pork mixed it with some ingredients...


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