Dinner With A Glass of Red Wine

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I rarely drink alcohol or have a glass of red wine since I started writing the screenplay. I want to be able to concentrate on my work 100%. So I have to try to refrain myself from such thing. Things that can distract me. But today, I feel like drinking wine. I have not finished the treatment for my script yet. I hope, I can bring it to an end tonight. I’m halfway through it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a glass of my favorite red wine which is Merlot. I also like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Rioja, for instance. I have done 50% of it. So I can allow myself to celebrate anyway. Then when I have fulfilled it 100% I can have an another glass. Drinking a good glass of wine, a good cup of tea or coffee while you’re relaxing is one of the simplest but most pleasurable ways of spending a quality time on your own or with someone special. It’s an excellent way of escaping from the hectic world just for a moment and let your mind rest. So it can think clearly. When I finish writing this blog post I will take a shower, continue to work on my script a little bit more, then I will go to bed. 

New Photos

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Time for new photos. So I took the time today to take some new images of myself using tripod. They look okay. I don’t really have time to take photos of myself since I focus more on finishing my manuscript, planning my feature film project, etc. Then today I had a chance to take some new photos and the weather was good earlier today. It’s also still good now. So, I had to grab the opportunity. It’s almost like summer. I didn’t have to wear jacket at all when I went out. Can’t wait for the summer to arrive. I am always in high spirits when the sun’s shining, everything is so bright and colorful, and I can wear cheerful summer clothes. I just love summertime. I might go to the beach this year. I say to myself each year that I want to go to the beach when it’s warm, but I have not actually been there yet. So, I might this year. I want to explore UK, visiting the piers, Titanic Berth where the Titanic sailed into the sea and ended its fateful voyage short after, Stonehenge, and many many more – just be a vagabond for the sake of summer. There are so many things to see in UK alone. And I have not visited any of them, yet. Shame on me. I promise myself, I will soon. Just thinking of summer and sunshine my mind already comes up with lots of things I could do during the happiest time of the year. 

actress buppha

Morning Coffee

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I got up quite early today, making my morning coffee & breakfast, having my early meal at about 6am. I know it’s very early. Well, for some. But because I feel so excited to continue to work on my screenplay every single day, so I can barely sleep at night. But I have to sleep at some point. I can’t keep myself awake for 24 Hours, unless I’m a vampire. Coffee in the morning really kick-starts my day. No one can resist the tantalizing fragrance of fresh coffee, especially if you do grind the coffee beans yourself. Sometimes, I like taking my time to inhale its aroma. Its perfume is just so refreshing and out of this world. But I don’t have a coffee grinder. It’s not something I really need anyway. So, the scent and flavor of instant coffee that I have daily is not that delicate as the coffee that made from freshly ground coffee.

Now I’m ready for anything. I will continue to work on my manuscript all day long again. I hope, I will manage to finish the treatment today. When I complete it I will post another blog post later on today about my progress. I like updating myself and people about my work, how far I am now, and so on. It’s just a reminder to myself, pretty much, that I move forward. It motivates me to reach my goal when I see some form of advance. And I think it works. And when I have accomplished each small task, I have set for myself, I will give myself a little gift, such as drinking a glass of my favorite red wine, watching a good film. Then I will resume my work again, go to the next activity, and so forth. It’s much easier for me this way. So, I don’t overwhelm myself with a big chunk of mission that seems impossible to deliver. I am very positive that I will finalize the treatment of my script today.

DSLR Camera For Filming

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I may end up shooting the film myself again with my DSLR camera. It’s not so bad, after all. Please watch a video above to see for yourself how good the quality is shooting the film with just a DSLR camera, maybe except the sound since I recorded it outdoor. But when I filmed it indoor the sounds were ok. And I have not edited the clip, yet. This video is a raw footage from the film before I edited it. I think, it looks even better as it is. I may have to record the audio separately if it’s an outdoor shoot. But if it’s indoor scenes I may not need a sound mixer. So, it will depend on the scenes as well where they’re going to take place. I want to shoot it with a DSLR camera again, partly because of budget concerns, and partly because of the film genre is horror which allows me to focus more on the narrative and how the film affects the audience rather than movie stars and expensive film equipment. So, I think, it is possible that a DSLR camera would be good enough for this type of film. But again, it’s just an idea. I’m not exactly sure yet at this stage. Things could change along the way.

A screenshot from my previous short, Instant Risk, using my DSLR camera to shoot it. The quality of the photo looks amazing. And I have not edited the image. Same with the raw footage above, I have not edited it either. But I did edit the final film.

But even though my upcoming horror film, A Tour to Hell, will be made with limited budget, but it doesn’t mean it will be boring to go see it. I will try my best to make this film as exciting to watch as possible in terms of interesting cinematic scenes, look, story, or premise. And that’s why I work hard to get the story right from the start. I take my time to plan it, to really outline the plot, think about possible scenes, the setting, etc. Low-budget movies don’t always mean low quality and boring. So, I’m excited to see if I can pull it off. If not, I have at least tried. Then I have, more or less, learned something for my next projects.

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Movie Title For My Thriller

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I’m still working on the treatment of my upcoming horror film, A Tour to Hell. I’m not quite sure yet with the movie title. I may change it again. I want it to be as easy to remember and as cool as possible. I have two titles at the moment which are “After I Die” and “A Tour to Hell”. But they don’t sound funky enough, I think. So, I may come up with a new title again. I have one in my mind now. And I may use it as a final title for my upcoming thriller. Or, I may just use the title, A Tour to Hell, as the official title. But once I have finished the treatment, I will, definitely, know what title I will actually use. I will try to finish the treatment today, so that I can start looking for cast & crew, filming locations, etc. This is so exciting! I’m so thrilled to make this movie. I am glad that I start preparing the film now. So, I have enough time to complete it just in time for Halloween this year, which I really hope I will manage to meet my target date. I feel good already when I give myself plenty of time to make my film. I don’t like creating something recklessly. I learned a lesson from my last short film, Instant Risk, that if you don’t give yourself enough time to plan and prepare the outcome will be crude. But, at that time I just wanted to make film as quickly as possible, otherwise I would never get it made. Therefore, in retrospect, I regard my move as the best thing I’d ever done. Because of that, I have finally made my first film ever and thereby have learned a great deal from it, such as how to shoot the movie with DSLR camera as professionally as possible, how to direct. I look forward to my next project already. Even though it’s a lot for me to chew off, but it’s going to be an edge-of-your-seat thriller.


Feature Film Project

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I have been quiet for a while working on my new feature film project, After I Die. It’s a horror/thriller film, which is based on a true story. It’s going to be an exciting project. I did make a short action film before, Instant Risk, and people may think why I, all of the sudden, change genre? Shouldn’t I stick to the same genre again and again? Well, I am a first-time filmmaker and writer, so I think, the best thing for me to do is to explore and experiment with as many genres as possible, or, with the genres that I wish to try and see how it goes. I don’t want to limit my ability and imagination to just one genre as a new filmmaker. I think, when you keep investigating and exploring, you will figure out along the way yourself which genre you like best or good at telling stories. Creativity is about letting your imagination run wild. That’s my opinion. So, I will write and make films in each genre until I find the right one.

And to be honest, I don’t really like making horror/thriller films because I don’t think I am good at it. But I do like watching horror movies. In fact, the first American film I watched was a horror movie “The Exorcist”. I saw it on TV. I think, I was quite young then, maybe 8-9 years old or even 7. It was nighttime when I watched it with my sister. But when the movie got scarier and scarier she fell asleep. So I had no choice but to continue to watch it alone. I could turn off the telly. But then I thought to myself, I have already started watching it, so I will watch it till the end anyway. And I got through it. It’s such a scary movie I have ever seen, maybe even til today. It’s a classic. No one makes movie like that no more.

Horror movie is a very fascinating genre. We all have fear of the unknown, something we can’t see, darkness, a mystery, what if we live in a parallel universe?, and so on. These questions do pop up in my mind from time to time. It’s always fun to think about it. Especially, when no one knows the answer, yet. So I think, horror is a genre that is rather exciting to explore. And my film, After I Die, is also based on a true story. I will not reveal that much at this stage whose story it is.

And the film will be made more professionally this time. It will be filmed using real film equipment, will be shown in a cinema on a big screen, using more cast & film crew than my previous short, and so forth. Maybe, I don’t need a lot of cast & crew anyway. Once I have finished the manuscript, I will know how many people I actually need to make it happen, and that it suits my budget. I will start looking for people to collaborate soon. I plan to finish the film just in time for Halloween this year. I think, I have plenty of time to meet my deadline.

Nature Was All Around Me

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Nature was all around me when I was young. And this was what I grew up with in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. I therefore love nature. So, starting a handmade cosmetic business made of mostly natural ingredients seems like a fantastic thing. I remember, when I was a little girl, I loved wandering in the wood near my house to find colorful butterflies and watch them adore flowers, grasshoppers, dragonflies, taking a shower at the waterfall, sitting at the beach and admiring the beautiful sunset, etc. It was a cheerful childhood that I will never forget. To teach me to love and protect nature was one of the greatest gifts my parents had given me. And I thank them for that every single day.

I have created an account on Instagram just for my handmade cosmetic business, @bupphacosmetics. I’m not quite sure with the name because I have not started my business, yet. I will just choose this one for now. I am going to make bath bomb as my first cosmetic product to begin with. Since I love nature, I want each piece of cosmetics I make to reflect and connect you to nature as much as possible.

rose bath bomb

handmade shower bombs

Self Tape Auditions

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I completely forgot that I have a lot of self tape auditions I have to make. I will spend the whole day tomorrow to make them one by one. I don’t really get nervous auditioning. I did in the beginning. But after some time, I’m getting used to it. I like auditioning or casting. It tests my ability to act, to show people what I’m able to, what skills I have as an actor, am I the right one they are looking for?, I get to know myself how nervous I am and learn to cope or get rid with it, and many more. So, even though I don’t get the role or get selected, but I learn something each time. I also become more confident. I see auditions as a good start and a good exercise. They don’t invite everyone for audition. So, when I get invited I get so happy, that I get a chance to show them my acting skills and try the best I can. It’s an opportunity I don’t want to miss. They will choose me or not that’s another thing.

I love acting. And that’s why when I have time, and no one invites me for audition, I will write a monologue for myself and act or just improvise and upload the video to youtube. I do that once in a while. I don’t do that very often now since I’m busy with my screenplay. But I think, I will try to do it more often. Maybe at least once a week.

Tomorrow, I have to go out and do some shopping again. I’m soon running out of food. I did a lot of shopping before the weather got bad. I think, maybe about two weeks ago. I shopped like there’s going to be war. I did a lot of shopping, not because I knew the weather’s going to be this bad, but because I knew I’m going to spend lots of time indoor working on my script if I don’t work on film sets. I didn’t want to interrupt myself by going out to do some shopping all the time. So storing lots of food for as long as possible is a sensible thing to do, so that I can focus on my script 100%. Then the bad weather came. Then, there’s another good reason for me to stock lots of food.

Good night and enjoy the music from Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You:

Snow Before Spring

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The snow keeps falling down like madness all day long. It’s hard to believe, the Spring is just right around the corner. Since as of now, the Spring seems like a dream. I can’t imagine how are we going to cross over to Spring when the weather is like this? I so look forward for Spring to come. I think at the moment, everyone is longing for the Spring to arrive as soon as possible. I love warm seasons. So Spring & Summer are my favorite times of year, of course. I dream of myself lying down on the beach, on an exotic, palm-dotted island, sunbathing, sipping a cocktail, and staring into the ocean. I need to pinch myself to wake up from the dream, otherwise I can go on and on. But I can’t help it when the weather is like this. To escape from boring weather, I have to think of somewhere else totally different from where I am now. The snow continues to fall more and more as I’m writing this blog. Somehow, it’s good for me, so that I can concentrate on writing my screenplay. I think, the weather really helps me stay focus. It’s a really good timing for me to finish my script.

Game of Thrones Style Fighting Techniques

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Today video is a Game of Thrones style fighting scene. I miss my martial arts classes when I see this clip. I haven’t attended them for a while now. I was used to attending them every Sunday, but then funny enough I have to be on sets almost on Sundays. So, I stopped going there for a long period of time, then started again once, then stopped again for a while, and it would continue like this. So, I took a break from it all together. It’s very difficult to begin again after you have stopped it for a long period of time too often. I like exercising, though. But the real reason why I stopped attending martial arts classes is because I want to finish my screenplay as soon as possible. The only time I have to write my script is when I’m not on sets. So, I need to utilize the time that I’m not on sets to complete my screenplay as much as I can. Becoming a screenwriter is my dream career as well. If I did lots of things I could slow down my writing process a lot. And it could take me years to finalize it. So, I have to sacrifice my health in order to finish my first screenplay as fast as I can. After that, I can start going to martial arts classes again. But becoming a screenwriter is my first priority, so I have to focus on that first. The rest can wait.

The video above is a fighting techniques similar to Game of Thrones style, which I learned from my martial arts class. I forgot to record it while I was doing the fight scenes at the class, which looked quite good and authentic. My tutor even asked me if I had attended a class like this before because it seemed like I have done it before. I just said yes, but from my school when I was young. I did have a stage combat class at the school in Thailand when I went to junior or just high school. I don’t quite remember. I don’t know about other junior high schools in other countries do have a stage combat class like in Thailand. Anyway, I loved it. But since then, I haven’t attended any martial arts class or stage combat class anywhere, until now. But because I like stage combat. So, no matter how long time ago I have learned it, but as soon as I start again it will show how passionate I am with fighting techniques. All the things I have learned ages ago will begin to manifest. 

Many students did film it to use as their showreels. I don’t know why I forgot. Now, I have to do it alone, no one to fight with, to make it look real. Never mind, I will try to remember to record it during the class next time. I am glad I attended the workshop. It’s my second week. I have learned new skills which will be useful for my acting career more or less, and plus I get to exercise to be in good shape. So, the martial arts classes do benefit me in many levels – personally and professionally.

viking fighting scene