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New Portfolio

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Time to update my portfolio soon. So I have booked myself a photoshoot next week. So next week, you will see new, fresh images of me in different outfits and looks, such as headshot,... READ MORE

Filming Preparation

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Today is a filming preparation day since I have to do some filming tomorrow. So I stood up early to finish sewing my outfit because I wanted to wear on set tomorrow, which... READ MORE

Speaking Danish 

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Skills are very important for actors/actresses. The more skills you excel yourself in, the better. And today, I want to show off my Danish skill 😛 I can speak 3 languages, actually: Thai, Danish, and... READ MORE

1 Step Forward

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I had finished drafting the first chapter of my novel this morning. So I am now 1 step forward. It wasn’t that bad. I will review and edit it tomorrow. I will take... READ MORE

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