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Film Storyboard

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I have spent time working on my short film day & night, creating film storyboard, looking through actor applications, arrange to shoot the film, where will my film be screened, and many more.... READ MORE

The Point of No Return

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I have come to the point of no return. There’s no turning back now. I have finished my short film screenplay. Maybe not quite. I still have to polish it, check grammar &... READ MORE

Script Complete

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My script is now complete! And I’m very happy with it. Nothing will be changed no more. But, I do have to change the title, tagline, and the summary a little bit, so... READ MORE

Filming Locations

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I will go out again today, searching for the right filming locations still. Even though it’s just a 10-minute long film, I just want to create a unique film experience. I can’t reveal... READ MORE

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