Thai Fresh Market Where Train’s Driving Through

One day I have to go visit this market in Thailand, Thai Fresh Market. The train just drives through the market every two hours or so. Before time there were not so many tourists at the market. Now, after they have discovered the uniqueness of this market, people from all over the world storm to this market daily, just to take the photos of the train when it’s actually driving through the market, and also when the traders start putting up their parasols again after the train has gone. It’s a rare occurrence that will make great photos to show and share with their friends and family back home, or on photo sharing sites like instagram or pinterest for instance.

I am from Thailand myself, I have not seen as many fantastic things in Thailand as many tourists have. So, I feel a little bit ashamed. Next time I go to Thailand again, I will go see all the things I want to see and experience in this lifetime. There are so many amazing things in Thailand alone that once-in-a-lifetime I, or everyone, should go see.

There are lots of mountains, jungles, beaches, islands, waterfalls, wild animals, old palaces and temples, etc. in Thailand for all nature and culture lovers to go explore. Every part of Thailand has different nature and landscape, which makes it special and differentiates it from others. I love nature very much. So every time I talk about Thailand, I think about all the beautiful nature I look forward to seeing next time I visit Thailand.

I think I will take a lot of pictures of amazing nature in Thailand next time I’m there. And thanks to instagram, pinterest, and the like that now people can share their unforgettable photos from their vacations, so others can enjoy them too. So, I can’t wait to share some nice photos from Thailand with you soon!

If you fancy to go visit “Thai Veg Market” next time you are in Thailand, then here’s the address:

Kasem Sukhum Rd., Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram, Thailand.

Angry Wind

I got up 4am this morning because of the wind and storm. It was so scary! I think no one would dare to go out of the house last night. It’s quite dangerous. Just the sound of the angry wind alone makes my heart shake. So, I wouldn’t think I would go nowhere under this weather condition. Then, it took me awhile to fall asleep again. And that’s why I got up late today. And the weather still continues to be mad. There’s no sign of slowing down. Anyway, I have ordered something. So today, I can’t go anywhere anyway. I have to wait for some of my parcels to arrive first. If I’m lucky, I might receive them in the morning already. Then I can go out later on. By that time, the weather might calm more down a little bit. Hopefully.

But according to the weather forecast, it will be windy all day today. But the sun will also shine. And then next week, the weather will, probably, start to be nice every day and onward. So, there is something to look forward to next week.

weather forceast

Someone Stole My Parking Spot

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Even though I don’t have a car, but that doesn’t mean anybody can just park in my parking space. I have seen this BMW for a while in my parking spot. I wonder, who’s car is that? The owner of the car just doesn’t care or not parking in other’s parking space? It has been parking there for a while, as if it is his/her parking spot. I don’t get it. And my parking spot is a very special one. It doesn’t stay next to any parking spot. It separates itself from all of the others. Therefore, you have to live in the area yourself to know this parking spot, and know that this parking space has been empty for a long time since I don’t have a car. Well, even you know that your neighbour doesn’t have a car, but that doesn’t mean you can just take over your neighbour’s parking space then without asking for the permission first. So, I don’t know about I should do something about it, or I just don’t care. I think, I will choose the latter one. I don’t want to make a fuss about it because I don’t use that parking space anyway. So, there is no point making trouble. I think, I will keep a low profile instead. Then I will wait and see, how long this car will continue to park there.

Tomorrow, I will have lots of things to do. I think I will go into central London again. It will be a long day for me again I think. I rarely home at the moment, going here and there. And then just come home to sleep and take a bath. I consider moving closer to central London since I have to travel to there almost every day. But then the rent will be even more expensive. So, I need time to think about it. But, if I keep looking I might be lucky enough to find an affordable flat near or in central London. So, maybe it’s a good idea I start looking now.

My dream place I want to live in is Shoreditch, or around that area. It’s a multi-cultural place, and at the same time trendy. There are lots and lots of hip & trendy pubs, bars, restaurants, fashion shops, markets, and the like. I think, it’s more me than Putney or Wimbledon where I live now. It’s like black & white. There is nothing like Shoreditch in Putney or Wimbledon. I feel like something is missing. I like living in a place where things happen, which makes me feel alive. So, Putney or Wimbledon is almost too quiet for me. I must follow my heart, and find a place to live in that I think is best for me to be in.


Who’s car is this?

A Cloudy Sunday

Today the clock changes. It will go 1 hour forward. So, remember to change your clock. If you have a smartphone it will change automatically, which is pretty cool! However, the weather is still cloudy with a little drizzle all day today. But, it’s not that cold as it was used to be. So, I’m happy with that. As long as I don’t have to wrap myself in lots and lots of clothes, then it’s ok.

I have now ordered some ingredients that I have to use in my skincare recipes. So, I look forward to starting formulating them. I might have to order some more tomorrow. It’s very difficult to find the ingredients all in one place. So I have to order them from different sources all over UK, paying extra delivery costs for each company, instead of paying just one delivery cost from one single store.

So, everything adds up quite a lot. It’s not cheap at all to make natural skincare product, when you think of the prices of the quality ingredients I am using, the shipment costs, VAT costs, the time I spend making it, and so on. But, I am willing to pay to make good products that work. I don’t want to make products just to sell them, and then don’t care about the rest. Everything has been taken into consideration before I create a product. That’s how I work.

I am running out of food again. I will go out in a minute to do some shopping. Then tomorrow, I will start ordering food online instead. I can’t continue to go wait for the bus just to go buy some milk, water, fruits, vegetables, etc., then have to take a bus all the way back home again. So, I have to remind myself to do my shopping online instead from now on. It will save me lots of time and energy.

Then, I think, since it is Sunday today I will spend my quality time reading book, or watching some good films, and just relaxing. I am not sure about I can do that. There will always be something that I have to do regarding my business. But today, I will try to ignore it. I need time to rest as well. It’s not all about work and work. So today, I will try to focus on myself and my well-being.

It’s drizzling, and quite windy outside right now. So, I’m not sure about I want to go out and do my shopping anyway? But, I have nothing in my fridge. So, I ought to go out. Otherwise, all I can eat today is toast and jam, and that’s it. Well, I will go out. I can’t enjoy watching movies and have no snack or anything to watch the films with. The movie will not be that entertaining without snack. It’s like eating food without salt & pepper.


Flowers in the garden this morning.

I Love Action Movie

I love action movie, especially with a lot of fighting scenes. And that’s why I like Tony Jaa and Jason Statham :-) . They are the best modern martial artist actors! I have watched many of their films. I have always been fascinated by martial arts. Since I was a school girl, every time I had to have my martial arts class, I would look forward to it with excitement. And I would fight with joy. It’s so entertaining in a way. We used long, thick bamboo woods to combat with each other as a form of weapon. So, they were one of those joyful moments at school I had had.

I began to go to martial arts class again late last year. But shortly after, I had accident with my right arm near my wrist. Yep, I burnt myself while I was making candles. And it was very bad that I had to stop going to martial arts lesson since my scars would get worse if I did so. It took me so long to heal the burn scars. Up till now, I’m still not sure if I could start my martial arts class again?! I think I will try anyway. I don’t like exercising. So, I try to do something else that is like doing fitness, such as dancing, going to martial arts class. You get to work out, and at the same time learn new skills, so why not.

I love this fighting scene between Tony Jaa and Paul Walker in Fast 7, which will hit cinemas around the world very soon. But unfortunately, probably not in Thailand – not for a while. Why?, read this article. Something about breaching of contract. Anyway, I think I will go see Fast 7 in cinema when it’s showing in UK.

But, one thing I don’t understand in this movie: Both Tony Jaa and Jason Statham are great martial artists actors, but they play the bad guys?! It’s such a disappointment! And Paul Walker, why he had to leave this world too soon? Anyway, enjoy the fighting scene below.

Busy With My Product Making

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I haven’t been blogged for a while because I am busy with creating my products, such as skin care, clothesmaking. There’s a lot to do. I have to make/design the labels, have them made, source the materials, ingredients, and so on. I love to write. So, having been unable to blog as often as I like is not something I am happy about. Anyway, I will find time in between to blog.

Today, I will order some ingredients for my skin care products. As soon as I get them, I will make the products, test them on myself, and when I am satisfied with them I will send them to be certified and tested by a professional. Then, if everything is going as the way I expect I will begin to make them for sale. I feel excited already! I enjoy formulating and making natural skincare products. So, I look forward to starting creating them ASAP!

Now, I will talk about my shoes :-P . I love ankle boots. I have them in black and brown. I use them with almost every garment I have, especially with mini dresses or jeans or shorts. They add that raw look to your whole outfit. Raw, but sexy. The brown boots are my favorites during summertime. I like wearing them with my bohemian dresses or denim shorts. The brown colour goes along well with the sunshine. Therefore, brown boots are also perfect to wear with summer clothes. I like experimenting with styles: What go well together, and what’s not. It’s just so fun.


bohemian romper

Multi-strap print romper £44.

Fashion Clothes

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I am into fashion. And I have also many years of experience working in fashion retail industry. So whatever I do, I always come back to fashion. I can’t dream of doing anything else but fashion. I just love to design, put different items together to create a unique look & style, and so on. I just love it!

All my fashion clothes are inspired by Thailand and its beautiful beaches, nature, and culture. That’s where I am from. So I just want to work with something I know best. And the summertime almost arrives. The weather starts getting sunny and sunnier here in UK. Thus, it’s a perfect time to introduce lovely summer clothes that make you think of sun, sand, ocean, beaches, coconut trees, and the like, in Thailand. A land full of warmth, wonder, adventures, and inspirations.

I will also design and sew some of the garments myself, including jewelries, which I love doing so.

cute crochet vest dress

Crochet Vest Dress in White £48.

Fragrances Reed Diffuser is Coming Soon!

I’m also working on Fragrances Reed Diffuser at the moment. Scented sticks is the perfect way to fill your home, office, working place, etc. with scent without worrying it will cause fire because you don’t have to light them like you do with candles. You just put the sticks in the glass with perfume in it and that’s it. And it will last about a couple of months or more. It depends on how much fragrance you have in the glass.

When my Fragrances Reed Diffuser is ready to buy I will announce it here. So, it’s also a good idea if you subscribe to my blog. You will then receive my updates by email as soon as my new products are coming out. You will be the first to know and the first to buy. Hopefully, it will be ready for purchase within a couple of weeks.

Fragrances Reed Diffuser

Green Tea For Breakfast

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I haven’t been blogged for a while. Too busy to blog :-( . But now I’m back! Now I’m having my breakfast in bed. I start my day with green tea and a hotdog bread I bought from Chinatown yesterday. I was too tired to eat it yesterday, so I put it in the fridge to save it for today instead. I can get really exhausted travelling into central London, and especially when I have to go to different places, which means I have to transfer to lots of buses and trains, which is very time consuming. That’s what I did yesterday. I didn’t accomplish much yesterday. I just spent my time travelling from place to place. When I got home again, then it’s already dark, then it’s time I had to go to bed already. Then my whole day’s gone. And that’s why, I try to avoid going into London as much as I could. I have lots of important things to do. I can’t afford spending all my precious time on bus and train, stuck in traffic, and the like.

Today I have to go out again, but that’s only in Putney area, which is not far from me. So, it’s good. Then I will have more time to finish my work. I plan to finish it this week. That’s my top priority. After this post, I will go out to run an errand, then I will be back shortly to continue with my project. I really hope I will finish it today or tomorrow.

hotdog bread

A Sunny Winter Day

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Yesterday was quite a sunny day. It tricked you to think that the Spring is finally here. But unfortunately, the weather was still very cold. I went to central London again yesterday, and I wanted to take some nice photos of the cosmopolitan city, but then since it’s so chilly, so I must hurry myself home again. I wanted to go to one of the beautiful parks in London, which would look stunning under the sunshine, but again I must drop all that because of the utterly cool weather. When it’s so freezing I couldn’t do anything but to go back home as quickly as I could. It was a shame. I had otherwise planned to take some amazing pictures of the capital in a new angle that I have never tried before. London is an ideal place to practice your photography skill. It has lots and lots of corners, streets, facets, etc. that could radically change their appearances depend on how you photograph them, and how you see them. It’s like a playground for photographers. Well, I couldn’t do it yesterday. But don’t worry, I will go back and film London as soon as I can.

I have to go out again soon. I’m just having my coffee first before I begin to get myself ready and heading out. It’s so cold! I have to wrap myself in thick jumper again. I can’t do it any more. Spring, where are you? I miss you so much. Please come to UK soon.

Tower Bridge London

Me at Tower Bridge.


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City of London. Shops in St. Paul's Posh shops in St. Paul’s.

#gherkintower A photo posted by Buppha (@bupphaofficial) on

Gherkin Tower

trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square

A small #alley btw #houses

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Fenchurch Street

A view of London Eye from St. James' park

London Eye

Phone boxes falling in Kingston

Falling phone boxes in Kingston.

pink tulips

Beautiful tulips in St. James’ Park.


Spitalfields Market

king's road

King’s Road

red bus

London bus

st. james park

St. James’ Park near Trafalgar Square.


A small sidestreet near King’s Road.


Lovely flowers in St. James’ Park.


Can you spot the Big Ben?

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