My Latest Blog Posts

Making Perfumes 

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Making perfumes is fun and rewarding. I get to create the scents that I truly like and have a fun time mixing the ingredients together, to build the fragrances that smell gorgeous. I... READ MORE

Beauty Samples Jars

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I have just ordered some 15 ml aluminium jars for my free beauty samples, which I will be giving out once I have everything in place, such as cosmetics certification, labels. So, it... READ MORE

Making Jewels

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I am very busy at the moment because I do lots of things at once. Today, I started making jewels as soon as I got up, adding them to my online store,, posting... READ MORE

Why I Want to Make Natural Skin Care

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I love nature and value natural beauty. Therefore, I want to make natural skin care, to utilise nature in every way possible. And natural skin care is more safe and more effective than... READ MORE

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