Final Revision

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I will do a final revision of my drama spec script today “Lost Son.” I want to make sure everything looks good before I decide to take it to the next level which is, perhaps, to turn it into a feature-film. My filming project of the horror short “BTO” is almost over. So today, I think I have time to go over my feature-length screenplay one last time. When I have time, I have to work on my other projects as well – just to utilise my time to the fullest extent. Today is Monday, thus I will be very busy. I have to work as well. Then, when I come home I have to edit my drama manuscript and do lots of things. I sleep very little now, maybe about 4-5 hours a day. Well, it’s still enough. You have to sleep at least 6 hours per day. So 4-5 hours a day is still not bad. I wish, we had 48 hours a day. Then I think I can achieve more. 24 Hours a day is nothing when you are busy.

After I finish the rewrite of my drama screenplay, I will also continue with my new project which is to turn it into a novel as well. That’s why I need to completely finalise my drama script first before I can move on to the next activity. The prospect of writing my first novel fills me with thrill. So much that it makes me want to get up in the middle of the night and work on the idea, which I did yesterday till late night. I think I went to bed around 2 am this morning. I think that’s the way it should be. You have to fall in love with your outline since it awakens your interest to a degree that you can’t ignore it. You just want to bring it to life as soon as possible.

From last year.

Morning Rain

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The rain is pouring down like crazy, which I like it. I normally don’t like rain if I have to walk around in the city or have to go to work. But when it rains in the morning and I am off work, then it’s okay. Where I live is also quite idyllic. The rain therefore revitalises a dull Sunday morning and adds something extra special to the already calm surroundings. I don’t plan to go anywhere today since I have lots to do. So I don’t mind the rain. So if it rains all day, then it is fine with me. One good thing of living close to the nature is that when it rains like this, you feel so peaceful, full of life and energy, and your creativity increases.

I got up and made my coffee straight away. I have to start my day with a caffeine before I can, actually, begin my day. I also made some toasts with Red Leicester cheese and red onion for breakfast. It’s a simple early meal. But it tastes yummy. The combination of the red cheese and the red onion just creates a contrasting, delicious flavour. Now, I’m ready to start my day. There’s a lot of tasks that I have to go through today. It’s weekend. Thus, it seems like I’d be enjoying the day off. But, I’m far from it. I, actually, work 7 days a week. As an actor, writer, and a filmmaker I don’t think you really have a day off, especially when you are in the stage of establishing your career.

The morning rain.
Morning coffee.
My simple but yummy breakfast.

Camden Market

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I decided to go to Camden Market today. I always think of lots of possible places to go. But I often end up going to Camden Market, anyway. Next time, I promise myself to go somewhere else. There’s a lot of people at Camden Market today as usual. Well, because the weather was nice as well. I walked around and had Thai/Asian food for lunch. I don’t really buy clothes from Camden Market. I think, they are quite expensive and there isn’t any that I really like. If I want to buy vintage clothing, then I go to Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market, and Portobello Road Market instead. Camden Market is more for food lovers, I think. There are lots of jewellery as well. Too many that I couldn’t decide what to buy. I will have to go back another day and take my time to try them on.

With Chucky – Camden Market.
Selfie time.
I always eat Asian food when I go to Camden Market.
At Camden Market.

Vintage Markets

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It’s Saturday today. I feel like going to vintage markets around London. The sun was shining and all earlier this morning when I stood up. Now, the sun stops shining. But I still want to go out to take a break from my work for a while, and to experience something new. I might even get some new inspirations by going out and exploring new settings. I just hope it’s not gonna rain. No sunshine, no problem, just no rain. I have checked the weather forecast, and there will be no rain. But you never know. British weather can be unpredictable. Anyway, I have to go out. I might go to Portobello Road Market. It’s been a while since I visited it. Then, I might have some antique items home. I like buying vintage stuff. Not because they cost nothing. But because they are something rare and unique. I don’t like filling my home with lots of knick-knacks. But I like buying vintage fashion and jewellery. That’s what I walk around the flea markets for, to look for some cool second-hand clothing to add to my wardrobe.

Vintage fashion
Second-hand clothing
Antique market
Food market
London rain

Fascinated by Films

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I’ve always been fascinated by films. So even though producing films is not an easy task, but I love it! Although, it’s just a short film. After a film was shot, I still have lots to do to move it further to other stages such as the post-production, the preparation to send it to film festivals. And so on. These are just 2 steps out of many developments that a film needs to go through after it has finished filming. So, there are still many transformations of the film await me. It can feel rather overwhelming if you’re not passionate enough about filmmaking. But I am. So for me, every step of the way is a true joy. I’m just so excited to create this horror short “BTO.” Nothing can tire me. It will be an incredible feeling seeing my work come to realisation. That’s the moment I am waiting for.

This weekend, I will be busy arranging lots of things. It’s like an everlasting job. There’s always something to do. That’s why if I’m not fascinated enough by films, I will give up very easily. But I’m getting there. This is something I wanted to do. I can see myself doing it for the next 5 or 10 years, or even for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine myself doing something else. So I take a small chunk at a time. Then, it doesn’t seem like an impossible mission. One little task each time is an achievable goal than trying to accomplish a very large target, which can put me off before I even begin.

I’m also an actress. So, apart from making films, I’m also busy with auditions, castings, reading scripts for auditions, and more. I also have just finished my drama spec script which I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it, yet. I just take one thing at a time. For now, I have to focus my energy on my short filmmaking project first “Blood Type O” before I can move on. The good news is that I have already written the whole screenplay, which was not easy. The most difficult part was already over. Then, I can take the rest more easy. As soon as my short horror film project is finalised, I will continue to work on my spec script and see what I will do with it. I will not ponder about it now. There’s no time for it at the minute.

Good Horror Film From The 80s

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I have seen this film once The Hunger many years ago. It was very good. It’s also an 80s vampire film from 1983, matching the era of my own short horror/romance film “Blood Type O” and with similar genre. The film was stylistically made – very sophisticated. The colour grading, the editing, the tone & style, the pacing, the music, the plot, and everything was in perfect harmony. I think, I will watch it again tonight. Luckily, I have only watched it once. So I can barely remember it. I just know it’s a unique story and sad. So to watch it again is like seeing it for the very first time, which is good because then it’s more entertaining when you can’t quite recall the whole film. I am making an 80s horror film. So why not watch a good horror film from that decade? I have wanted to re-watch the film for a very long time. Now, it’s a good timing to do so.

If you like David Bowie and vampire films and, of course, your love of the 80s, then you should check this film out. Enjoy!

Perfect Body

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I want to have a perfect body. Purely because for my health. Having a healthy body means you are in good health. So I begin to exercise a lot and it gives a good result which I can see. I used to use size 12-14. Now, I can use size 8-10. So I’m very happy with it. Fitness also helps you stay energized all day. I used to feel very tired and sleepy during the day, especially in the afternoon. Now, I feel active throughout the day. I don’t feel like taking a nap or anything. I don’t eat much either. I only eat when my body does, actually, need food. I used to eat several times a day for nothing, even late night and before I went to bed. Now no more. I feel so healthy now. My stomach is also more flat than before, including a toned body. I have to maintain it from now on. I don’t want to go back to unhealthy body again.

I am now down to size 10 or maybe 8 even from size 12 or 14.

Handmade Cosmetics

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I’m blogging from my mobile. I have been working in front of a laptop all day long searching for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer. So now I’m exhausted. I can’t sit in front of a laptop no more. Luckily, WordPress has a mobile app which you can just blog on the app from your mobile – very convenient. I’m not that tired. But I don’t want to watch a film either. I don’t want to go to bed now either since I’m not tired. I must find something to do. I might look through my old recipes how to make serum. I like making my own skincare, using natural ingredients. I rarely buy skincare products. I use my own handmade cosmetics. When I’m running out of ingredients, I just go to shops around London to buy new ingredients. I know those shops well, and vice versa. Since I am their regular customer. I enjoy making my own natural skincare for my own use and as a hobby. It just brings me closer to the nature. Just the smell of natural ingredients makes me feel good already. Now I think I will make my new serum for younger looking skin. A small bottle containing 30ml of serum lasts about 1-2 months. I don’t like making too much at a time. I make small amount each time and use it up quickly. Then I make a new, fresh one after that.

Jojoba seeds.

Sunday Outfit

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It’s Sunday today. I feel like dressing fabulously for the summer. Although I don’t go out much, too busy with my filmmaking project “BTO,” but dressing nice for the season at home can really make my day. I just don’t really have time for nothing else for the time being. Today will be a busy day for me as usual. I will continue my hunt for the colourist-editor and a sound mixer today. I drank beer yesterday which made me feel sleepy, so I didn’t resume my search for the remaining film crew. I knew it. I shouldn’t drink alcohol. Just one beer can hinder my productivity and slow me down. I will not drink alcohol at home from now on, not until my project is completely done. I will drink if I have to go out and socialise or network. I have to stay focussed. Otherwise, nothing can be done. So today, I will work hard again to bring my filmmaking project to an end. Then I can concentrate on something else.

Dress to relax at home.

Beef Pho

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I make beef pho for the dinner. I have my dinner early today. I don’t eat that late no more. I used to. And I used to eat several times a day. Now, only one or two a day. Most of the time is just a small portion. I don’t eat that much as I used to, which is good for my health and body. But today, I make such a big bowl of pho because I love noodles. So I tend to eat a lot when it comes to noodles, especially rice noodles. I don’t like egg noodles that much. Making pho is easy & quick. That’s why I always store noodles in my kitchen for a healthy, fast food. Noodle dish is a quick dish to prepare. It’s also delicious and healthy. You can add lots of vegetables, meat, squeeze some lime on top of the noodle soup or stir-fried noodles, to add a fresh twist to it. Then, your delicious noodle dish is ready in no time at all. You can use leftover meat. So, it’s also an ideal dish to make if you have lots of leftovers. So nothing is going to waste.

Homemade beef pho. Tasty!!!

Today, I also feel like drinking beer. Asian food and beer seem to go along with each other very well. So I must have a glass of beer with my homemade beef pho. It’s Saturday, after all. So I have to remember to pamper myself and to totally relax. I might watch a good film or two after the dinner. I will find a good horror film to see after the meal. Then, after the movie, I might continue my search for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer for my film. I just need to unwind first, to recharge my energy. Then, I’m ready. I love making movies. So watching lots of films is my way of entertaining myself as well as learning something new about filmmaking. It therefore benefits me in so many different ways just watching films.

Guinness beer with beef pho noodle soup. A perfect combination.

I also have a feature-length drama screenplay that I need to complete as well. I have already finished written it. But I like to go back now and then to revise, re-read, add or take something out, and so on. I enjoy reading my own scripts. If I find it entertaining, then it’s good enough for me. I love reading. So, if I don’t enjoy reading something, then the story or/and the writing style is not good. Therefore I read what I write, to see how I write and how I tell the story. Is there something new that I can add to it? Something no one has never seen before. The same with “Blood Type O” which is something new, no one has made a film about this specific story or subject before. I can therefore proudly say that my horror script “BTO” is original.