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Practise San Shou Kuan

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I have not blogged for a while, busy with my e-commerce business, WWW.BOHOFOREST.COM. I also practise martial arts, San Shou Kuan and other fighting techniques I have learned, almost every... READ MORE

Doing My Own Stunts

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One of the reasons why I attend martial arts classes and stage combat unarmed and armed workshops weekly, so that I can do my own stunts in my own films... READ MORE

Action Film Screenplay

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I will spend this weekend working on my action film screenplay constantly. It begins to look good now. I work on my short film daily like a full time job,... READ MORE

Practising The Split

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I’m practising The Split. I have to do it every day if I want to be able to do split legs. I could do it a long time ago when... READ MORE

Time Left to My Film Release

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