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Filming Locations

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I will go out again today, searching for the right filming locations still. Even though it’s just a 10-minute long film, I just want to create a unique film experience. I can’t reveal... READ MORE

Possible Feature Film

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I have been working on my short film’s screenplay all day long, revising, adding and removing something, and so on. I’ve just finished it now, actually, only because I’m hungry. I forgot to eat... READ MORE

My Upcoming Short Film: Love & Fall

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My short film has now its own official page on IMDb, Love & Fall. Tonight, I will add plot outline, plot summaries, synopsis, etc. There’s only one cast member at the moment which... READ MORE

Making Film With No Crew

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That’s right. It’s me, Making Film With No Crew. It’s just a 10-minute short film. But, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, actually. And it’s only me to take care of... READ MORE

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