Stir-Fired Chinese Broccoli With Crispy Pork Belly For Dinner

I love Chinese broccoli and pork belly, so today I make a stir-fired dish out of that. It’s just a quick but delicious meal, and healthy. Chinese broccoli and crispy pork belly stir fry quickly together with some bird’s eye chilli, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and that’s it. Then I serve it on top of warm jasmine rice, simple and tasty. I love cooking. So if I have time I will cook good food for myself. Eating good food makes me feel great, especially if I make it myself.

I am also very busy now. I try to run a food business beside this as well. I plan to open a takeaway shop somewhere in central London soon. So at the moment, I’m just looking for the right location. And tomorrow, I have to go view a place in central London for my takeaway shop. If I liked it then I would take it. I hope I like it, so I can start my food business soon. I love cooking, and making food for others is something I find joy in it. Therefore, I look forward to tomorrow how it will turn out.

Chinese broccoli dish

Home-cooked food is always the best.

Now, I’m going to relax a little bit, watching TV. I will, probably, watch a food channel again. Since I love food & cooking, so I regularly watch food channel to learn new recipes, see how others are cooking, and so on. It’s a pure entertaining when you watch something that interests you.

There’s a food reality programme that I watch quite often, almost every day, which is Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s just so interesting to see the host, Guy Fieri, visiting several restaurants, diners, cafes, takeaway shops, etc. to interview the owners, chefs, and customers, and see how they cook their foods, and why people love it.

I rarely watch films. There’s completely nothing in the telly, unless I go rent some good movies myself. I don’t want to pay for a cable TV, so I could watch some good films since I don’t watch it that often anyway – just once in a while. In the television, they show the same movies over and over again. I don’t understand?! Nothing really changes much. Well, I just have a TV, so I could watch food programme.

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