Possible Feature Film


I have been working on my short film’s screenplay all day long, revising, adding and removing something, and so on. I’ve just finished it now, actually, only because I’m hungry. I forgot to eat something. I just had breakfast as soon as I stood up, and nothing else till now. So, time to stop, relax, eat, […]

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Good Night!

Buppha In Rock Tee

Taking a break from writing & listening to music instead. I’m listening to right now, “Goodnight Goodnight” by Marron 5. I just love Adam Levine’s voice. It’s a voice that makes you feel good 🙂

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Casting Call

film making

Hello, I am in the process of making my first short film about love & sorrow. I am looking for 3 actors: Gerwyn (male) – 25 -35 years old – Lead actor speaking role (Caucasian, English or American accent preferably, but not essential). Medium build & tall or taller. He is well-considerate, kind, loving & caring, […]

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Carbonara For Dinner

I’m having carbonara for dinner tonight. It’s so yummy! Well, everything homemade is delicious, in my opinion. I like carbonara because it’s so easy to make but tastes super delicate. It takes me about 10 minutes to make with minimal ingredients. I don’t know why I don’t make it so often. The ingredients I need just […]

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Shoot Some More Scenes Today

Today, I stand up early to start working on my films. I should get up earlier than this. I think tomorrow, I should wake up at 4am or 5am. I might go out and shoot some scenes soon. The earlier I go out, the better. I don’t want to get people in my scenes since […]

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Working on my Script

I will complete my script tonight, hopefully. Then, I will watch and edit the scenes I have already shot. Then I will post on several sites looking for actors tonight as well. And tomorrow, I might go out and shoot some more scenes. I am going to make 2 short films at the same time. […]

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I Love Fall

I am so in love with Fall. It’s the time of year when nature is so charming. I am bewitched by the sparkling, golden-brown color of leaves on the trees and on the ground, like a bed of beautiful, golden petals. They are everywhere, in the garden, in the park, etc. It’s just so romantic. I […]

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