Working on Part 2 of Act 2 of My Screenplay

I began to work on my drama screenplay as soon as I got up. It’s getting more entertaining now. I have now started on part 2 of Act 2, which is more exciting than part 1. In fact, the whole script is gradually getting more and more thrilling toward the end. So, it’s gonna be a total roller-coaster ride. I promise! I really want to finish the script asap. Because, I have a good feeling that it’s going to be good and unique. But, I have lots to do this week still. I have to go out of the door in a minute. Then when I get home I want to tidy up my studio. I hadn’t been home much for the past 2-3 weeks. And the days I was home, I spent on working on my screenplay. Every day and every minute counts. But after my studio is clean, I will continue to work on my screenplay straight away. Today is only Wednesday. So hopefully, I will be able to complete the script this week. I must do whatever I can to finish it asap. Because, this screenplay will be an important work that will, perhaps, launch my career as a writer & director as well – if I’m gonna make the movie myself from my script. That’s why I really pour my heart & soul into it. Fingers crossed!

drawing book
My sketchbook for storyboarding.
I drew the storyboard myself for my upcoming movie The Existence. It’s just a test to see how it looks.

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