Trying to Finish Act 1

Back home again. Now, I will go crazy with my screenplay. I am quite busy with lots of things at the moment. But one thing for certain, I have to finish my script asap! I’m getting there. I will try to finish Act 1 as quickly as possible. So tonight, although I’m a bit tired, but I will try to continue to work on Act 1. Even just for 1 hour, it’s better than nothing. I have at least made some progress towards my goal before I go to bed. A small growth is better than no advancement at all. And breaking it into small chunks seems to work for me. Before I know it, I may even have a finished script in my hand already.

It looks pretty good. I think. And I can reveal a little bit: I am not the protagonist in my upcoming drama feature film. I am just one of the main characters. As I said before, this movie isn’t about me. But about some people I know very well. So, there is still a personal attachment to it. And that’s why I can just keep going – never lose the enthusiasm. Because, I want to tell this story so badly.

Sometimes while I’m writing I have to stop and replay everything in my head scene by scene all over again and again because I know everything about it. If I can see my own screenplay as a movie in my head then it just makes my writing flow more smoothly and more cinematically. Then I just transfer it to paper and make the readers see it as a movie as well when they read my screenplay. So, I try to achieve that. When I’m done with my script I will find someone or some people I can trust to read it and give me some feedback.

This is going to be interesting and challenging, making the readers easily visualise the film as they read the screenplay. If I can do that then my script is a success. That’s why I work so hard day & night on my screenplay to achieve that. I never get tired of it. As soon as the sun comes up I jump out of bed, make my coffee, and start writing straight away. I just have a good feeling about it. That it is going to be a good manuscript, exciting, interesting, unique, etc. Seeing the story come to life is one of my motivations to completing the screenplay as soon as I can.

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