My Drama Screenplay is Almost Done

I have written my drama screenplay to page 70 or something today, which is good. I stood up around 7:30am and just worked constantly on it. That’s a lot of hours. I have never spent that many hours, writing. I am very happy that I have made it to page 70 or so today. That’s a big achievement for me today. My goal is getting closer and closer. I need to write 20-50 pages more, then I am done with my script. I could write just 20-30 pages more if I wanted my movie to be about 90 minutes long. Or, if I wanted it to be around 2 hours long then I would have to write about 50 pages more or a little less.

Now, it’s a relaxing time. I will continue to watch LOST the TV series. Then, I will prepare the dinner ready for the entertainment which is spaghetti with meatballs – one of my favorite dishes.

My upcoming movie The Existence.

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