Home Again

Back home again not long ago from a writing group. It was very useful. Now I know what to do with my screenplay. Getting different opinions can be both good and bad, though. It could confuse you to some extent. Sometimes, you’ve got to listen and stick to yourself: What is it you want the most?, what is it you want to make?, and what message do you want to send out? Some people think I use too strong language. The things my characters say, nobody says things or talks like that no more. But if they see Spike Lee movies they may change their minds, especially the latest one. That’s the true reality. My film is about realism. I want to make films about something people try to avoid.

But, it’s still good to get new feedback on it since I have now modified the script by toning it down a bit. But I prefer the previous version because it’s more provocative and controversial. And some say my screenplay it’s too monotone and too much description. I am agree with that. I am aware of that as well. I just wanted to get to the end first, which I did. Thank god! Then, I will rewrite it later. And some say, it’s more suspenseful like a suspense thriller. That’s a new observation. I hadn’t seen it that way before. But now, I can see, there’s a little suspense as well. And some even say, it feels like a Netflix movie. All in all, I am glad I attended the class.

Good night!

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