Good Drama Screenplay

I get a good feeling that my drama screenplay is going to be phenomenal, partly because it is based on my own true story (A member of my family to be precise. So, it’s not exactly me that this script is about. But it’s still my story in the sense that it happened to a member of my family.), which I know so well, and partly because I believe the manuscript is good since I write it from my heart. So I am very positive that whoever play the lead roles might receive some awards for their performances if they acted the best they could. They could even become a star overnight if they’re unknown actors. That’s why I wanted to make and direct this film myself if I did get the fund. I will also play one of the lead parts. But I won’t have much screen time as other lead characters.

I am already finished the script. I tried to print out my screenplay last week to bring it to a writer group, but my printer wasn’t working. I will try to fix my printer again today, so that I can print it out to read it through to see if it needs more revision. If I couldn’t bring my printer back to life I might have to buy a new one. I can’t go to a shop to print it out since there are about 100 pages. I also need more than one copy to give out to some people I can trust to read it, too. I could just buy a new printer if I had to pay for 3-4 copies of the 100-page screenplay to be printed out. But I’m very happy with the script so far. I just haven’t had a feedback on the whole screenplay, yet. I did have some comments on the first 10 pages. But that’s it. So I do need an assessment for the complete manuscript as well before I can start applying for a fund for the film to be made.

After this blog post, I also have to go out for a few meetings today regarding my acting career. So I don’t have time to read my screenplay and fix my printer, not until I am home again tonight. I wish I had a whole free week, so that I could read my script and rewrite it and finish it, at long last. But for now, it doesn’t seem I will have a whole week free. I am quite busy at the moment. Anyway, I will try to read my finished screenplay once I have time to do so.

From last year.

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