Drama Short Film

I may make a drama short film from my feature-length screenplay instead of the horror short “Blood Type O,” which I have got a lot of constructive feedback regarding its horror script. And that’s why its title has changed from “Blood Group O” to “Blood Type O” instead because this is how people will say it here, according to the feedback I have got. But if I found other titles that are better, I might change the title again. Taking my script to a writing group really was a useful approach. I realised, getting lots of different views on my script is one of the best ways to improve my scriptwriting. It’s especially helpful for new writers like me. When I have already written lots of screenplays, I may not need it. It depends.

So now I know that my horror script isn’t ready to be made into film, yet. It needs a lot of revision. Therefore I want to take some time to rewrite it first. On the other hand, my drama screenplay is ready because I have already got some comments on it and have already edited it. So I can use it to make a short film instead. The whole manuscript still has to go through a reworking, though. But some parts of it are okay to turn into short films. I will be busy with lots of things throughout this week. So I have to work harder to plan the making of my short drama film. I still have to work against time since I have some film festivals in mind that I want to send it to whose deadlines are already coming close. And plus, I’m also busy with acting, filming, and working on top of that. So I have to utilise my time wisely in order to have everything under control.

From lat autumn.

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