Continue to Work on My Screenplay

I have been quite busy this week. So I haven’t got the chance to finish my screenplay. Luckily, I am free this weekend. I can then try to complete my screenplay, or get as much done as possible. As I said before, I am done with Act 1. But after analysing my script or just reading through it, I could see that some scenes, actors, and locations, do not need to be in the script. It’s just too much. It really helped that I stopped and analysed Act 1 first before I moved on to Act 2. Then, I can subtract or add something that makes sense to the plot. Something that doesn’t need to be there, I get rid of it. It would give me more job and headache if I finished the whole screenplay already then I had to subtract and add something, afterwards. That’s about 120 pages I have to go through, which is a lot of work. So, I realised, stopping and analysing after Act 1 is the best thing to do. Now, after I have removed some characters, locations, and scenes, my script looks more lean, easy to read, and it’s also easier for me to make the film myself in terms of budget. This weekend, I will spend the time to rewrite Act 1. Well, not exactly. It’s more like removing something because I have finished Act 1 already. It’s more like: what do I need to take away and the whole plot still makes sense? I don’t even have to wait for tomorrow. I will do it now. After the revision of Act 1, I then can move on to Act 2. I get so excited thinking about my screenplay, so I can’t wait for tomorrow. Why wait for tomorrow when I can do it now?

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