Act 1 Accomplished

I make it! I have just finished Act 1 of my screenplay. When I write and write without stopping to correct the grammar and to analyse the plot I tend to write faster. Tomorrow, I will continue to Act 2. But not the whole Act 2. Just 50% of it which is about 25 pages again. And I will not stop to revise the script. I will just keep on going, till I have written 25 pages. Then, 50% of my screenplay is already done. Then the day after tomorrow, another 25-page. Then, 75% of it is also done. But who knows, if I could I would try to write 50 pages tomorrow. I plan to attend acting class tomorrow. I may skip it, then. I think, I will do that. Finishing my screenplay is more important right now. I am so happy. Not long from now, I will have my first feature-length screenplay ready. This is my motivation, to have my first feature-length script written by myself. I think, it will be an indescribable moment for me when it actually happens.

Now, I will celebrate it with a glass of milk before I go to bed.

Good night!


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