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The mist hangs over the village like a bad dream. It really looks like a scene from a horror movie. The time is only about 8am while I’m writing this blog post. By the time I’m done with the blog post, it may be gone by then. Today the weather will be almost the same like yesterday. I hadn’t been out yesterday. So I don’t know how warm it was yesterday. But today, I will be out all day. For now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a warm day.

After this blog post, I will take a shower and head out right away. I have lots to do today. I also have to attend a writers group later today, which I really look forward to. I’m passionate about writing and acting. So, I try to participate in all things writing and acting as much as possible. It will be a long day for me today. But it’s ok. I get to do what interests me the most. Time doesn’t really matter to me when I occupy myself doing what I love.

The two images above and below manifest the tone and atmosphere of the horror/sci-fi films that I plan to make after I am done with my drama movie. That’s why I want to finish my drama screenplay as soon as possible, so that I can start shooting it asap. Then I can move on to my next projects. If only I had finished the script already. Then the filmmaking can begin. I just can’t wait to start making the film from my screenplay.

I edited the images using Adobe Photoshop. I love taking photos myself as a hobby. I also stroll around London looking for the perfect locations for my movies. So I take pictures of different places, to see if they can be used in my films.

The view from my window.

So, this week I really have to try to finish revising the script. Because, although the screenplay is done, but it doesn’t mean it’s ready to be made into film. Not just yet. The grammar and the overall plot have to be good. After that then my script is ready to be turned into film by me or whoever is interested in buying the screenplay.

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