I rarely use my tablet. I use it mostly at night when I want to watch a good film because I’m too tired to sit and see it on a laptop (I don’t have a TV). Then it comes in handy. I also like using it to browse social media. It gives me a better view of it because it has a bigger screen, compared to a mobile phone. I don’t really use my laptop when I just want to post or read something on social media. And a mobile phone is rather small. So a tablet is a better solution when I don’t want to use a laptop and a mobile phone. But I do need a laptop when I’m writing my screenplay. I don’t like writing it on a small screen. I don’t know why. But I can blog on a tablet or a mobile phone. No problem. I think because writing my script is something I prioritise. So, I want to use the best tool possible. Blogging and posting on social media is not that important. So I can use any device.

These screenshots below are from a tablet:

I use Instagram mostly for inspirations.

I, for example, like browsing Instagram to find some inspirations in style, food, travel, and more. So, a tablet really gives me a moderate screen to browse through and see the photos in better sizes than a mobile phone. Although, I don’t post that often on Instagram, I post more often on Twitter, but I use Instagram more to be inspired in art, design, fashion, cooking, and so on. It just designs to do just that which is to inspire, in my opinion.

I think each social media has its own mission or purpose. Like Youtube, people use it to learn how to do a certain thing such as how to apply a makeup, watch a music video.

People use Twitter to write a short message and share news that happens right here right now mostly, for instance. And Facebook is more for socialising and keeping in touch online with the people you know. I think when you know what each social media really does you can utilise it precisely what it’s meant to do and benefit from it to a great extent.

But even that I don’t use social media that often myself. Just sometimes. Because I focus more on finishing my screenplay at the moment.

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