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Wimbledon Village

I went for a walk this morning for about 1 hour. I first took a bus to Putney High Street with a bin bag of used clothes to give to a charity shop. I couldn’t walk with a big bag of old clothes from my home to Putney High Street because it would be too heavy for me. After that I walked from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village which took me about 1 hour. If I had to walk from my home to Wimbledon Village it would take me only about 20 minutes. And from my home to Putney High Street would take me about 35-45 minutes. Therefore it took me about one hour to walk from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village. Even though I live closer to Wimbledon Village than Putney, I rarely go to Wimbledon Village or Wimbledon. I often go to Putney instead, to do my shopping and stuff.

When I had walked halfway from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village I looked like this.
Because I walked through the wind and rain this morning so when I got to Wimbledon Village and sat down to have a cup of latte I looked tired, as if I just got out of bed. And my hair was kind of messy because of the wind. I didn’t put makeup on either. I just went for a walk, to exercise. So, no need of makeup.
The Wimbledon Windmill and The London Scottish Golf Club are just about 10 minutes walk from my place.
Nice houses in the neighborhood near my studio.
Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common – near Wimbledon Village.
Cute houses around Rushmere Pond.
Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone boutiques at Elys of Wimbledon department store.
A mini supermarket selling fresh produce and a flower shop in Wimbledon Village. They looked so colorful, refreshing, and beautiful.
There are lots of expensive fashion shops in Wimbledon Village, which I can’t afford 🙁

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Wimbledon. It’s a Copenhagen-based sushi restaurant. Funny enough, its first restaurant (or rather a takeaway at that time) opened in 1994 on the street where I was used to living which was Nansensgade in Copenhagen. I walked past it one day and noticed there’s a new sushi takeaway and eatery just opened; I then stopped by and tried its food which was quite good. So I became its regular customer since I love sushi, until I moved to somewhere else.

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