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Lunch Time

Time to have lunch. I just make a quick noodle soup for my late lunch. It’s so delicious. Sometimes, something so simple and quick can taste very yummy. I therefore always store some noodles in my cupboard because they can come in handy when I need something quick & easy for my meal. Summer just reminds me so much about the warm, tropical country I am form, Thailand. I no longer remember how does it feel like sitting or walking on the beach barefoot feeling the sand through my toes, how beautiful the sunset above the ocean is, the cool & wonderful sea breeze that touches my face, the exotic, palm-dotted islands that I have visited, and more. So every bite of Asian food just takes me right back to the land where paradise on earth does exist, and that nature is a vital part of our existence and wellbeing. And I think, having grew up with the nature all around me really makes me appreciate nature all the more.

I think about the time when I was young going to school barefoot. The journey to the school wasn’t an easy task. But it’s a worthwhile trip since I got to wear no shoes, enjoy the nature along the way, chase the butterflies, and the like. It’s one of the most unforgettable times in my life. And I think about it almost daily. All of this because of my father who’s an ideologist and a teacher. He wanted all children to have education. So he decided not to teach students in the cities, but in places which civilisation hasn’t reached them yet such as small, rural villages, towns closer to the borders. So I got the chance to live like the locals. And every day I am grateful to my parents for the precious experience they gave me.

Quick & tasty noodle soup with crispy pork belly and bok choy.
Spicy food with strawberry and banana smoothie.

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