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I Love Summer

I love summer and flowers. So wherever I see them I take photos of them. Especially in this weather, I could walk around and take photos of flowers all day long if I had lots of free time to do so. I saw this shop or pub or cafe, but I think it looked more like a cafe or a coffee shop, with beautiful flower decoration outside, so I had to take some pictures of it. It’s located right next to Clapham Common. I love the area. It’s so hip & trendy. And the Clapham Common park is just right there. In summer, I can guarantee you, there will be lots and lots of people sitting in the park – mostly young people. Sometimes when I pass by in the summertime I think there’s a concert or something going on since there’s a lot of people sitting on the grass. You would be lucky if you could find a spot to sit there when the weather is incredibly warm and the sun is shining. Talking about summer, sunshine, and all that I just so look forward to going to parks and beaches when it’s summer.

I like walking on the grass barefoot when I go to park or sauntering on the beach barefoot. It’s so relaxing and you get more in touch with the nature. You can feel the energy from the earth storming through your feet. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

Therefore no wonder it is a nice area to live, especially for young people who can afford to live there. And Brixton and Liverpool Street and Waterloo are not too far from it either. So, it’s quite central. I wish I lived there. I also like Shoreditch, which is similar to Clapham Common. Another cool area to live – just bigger. So even though I live in South West London, but I do go to, for example, Clapham, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, and Camden often. In summertime, I usually visit these places. It’s just a whole new world from where I live.

A very cute cafe or coffee shop.

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