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I Love Monday

Monday again. A start of the week. Some people don’t like Monday, mostly 9-5 people. But I like Monday. I just can’t wait to get going, to start creating something, and similar. I look forward to a busy week ahead already. I just love being busy and have something to do. It just makes me feel alive. Even when I have a day off, I will go somewhere anyway, such as a market, a beach if it’s warm. Only at the moment that I don’t really go anywhere because I’m working on my drama screenplay constantly, trying to get it done as soon as possible. Then, my horror short film project as well. But once I have finished both of them, I will celebrate by going on vacation for a short while. Maybe just for two weeks’ holiday or a weekend break. It will, definitely, be somewhere in Europe. Maybe Copenhagen 🙂

I usually find my source of inspiration for my films and screenplays from real life events, my own experience, something that happened to someone I know, and so on. I think because I know the stories very well, and therefore can tell them in a way that is more unique and believable. And that’s why I so look forward to finishing my drama script because it’s also based on a true story, just like my horror short “Blood Group O.” I just can’t wait to make movies from interesting stories. I also get a sense of achievement as I write my own manuscripts and make my own movies. It’s just a wonderful feeling to have created a piece of work or art since you’re so passionate about what you do. Money is not really a matter of concern for most artistes, I think. All they wanted to do is just to do what they love. I think that’s pretty much it. That’s exactly what I also did when I performed for free at Theatre Deli not long ago. After I was done with the show and the audience seemed to be entertained by it and gave me a big applause, that was the height of joy for me. It was a real reward than money. I just love to entertain. And I will never cease to do what I love.

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