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Wisdom Tooth

I just got home not long ago. I don’t feel like working on my screenplay today. I just can’t be bothered, too tired. I went to hospital this afternoon to have my wisdom tooth extracted. But then, the dentist said it could be risky because it’s very close to the nerve. What he would do was that he would have to cut my gum off and split my tooth into pieces in order to take the wisdom tooth out without it affecting the nerve. So, he wouldn’t remove the tooth in one go. Then he would sew the gum back into its place. So I could have it pulled out if I wanted to. But, if it didn’t cause any pain why should I bother since it could damage my nerve for good? That what the dentist at the hospital suggested. So I didn’t have my wisdom tooth uprooted anyway. I must then keep an eye on it and take good care of my teeth. If my wisdom tooth did cause some pain in the future I could always have it detached.

So I just spent my day at the hospital for nothing. But it’s good to know how dangerous it could be. The dentist said, it’s not a high-risk procedure in terms of life or death. It’s just that, if it’s gonna have an effect on my nerve it would just make my mouth on that side, where I have my wisdom tooth taken out, go numb forever. Maybe about 70% – 90% of it. So, it’s my choice whether or not I decide to get rid of my wisdom tooth. It’s not that it’s gonna happen. Maybe 1 in 100 persons or something like that. So I chose not to do anything with it for now since I have had it for years and it doesn’t really give me any trouble.

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