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New Rouge Lipstick

Today I just bought a matte rouge lipstick from Mac again, since I love Mac lipstick so I almost exclusively buy lipsticks from this brand. I bought a half-size Mac lipstick for £10. A standard size is about £17. I don’t put makeup on that often. And when I do I only apply a little, just to add some colour to enhance the natural beauty a little bit, not overdo it. So I didn’t want to buy a bigger one. If I purchased a normal size it would mean I would have it stored in my bathroom cabinet for eternity. I will use all my lipsticks up at some point in the distant future. And I’m a woman, after all. And what women do, they buy new lipsticks almost every month if not every week. So I don’t need to buy big sizes of lipsticks when I always fall in love with the new shades anyway and will occasionally buy a new lipstick on impulse.

I love Mac lipsticks. They are just so good, compared to other brands.
This rouge Mac lipstick is only £10 because it’s a half-size model.

In spite of the fact that I do not like applying makeup on a daily basis or every time I have to go out I have to try to use makeup more often, including wearing fashionable clothes. It’s almost a must when you live in London because I think there is too much importance placed on clothes and look here. And I have to go out often. If you didn’t care about mode you could be seen as someone who is old-fashioned. If you lived on the outskirt of London and didn’t even bother to go into central London that often, it might be okay that you couldn’t care less about appearance. Or, if you’re already rich and everybody knows it, you can wear the same style of t-shirt every day and no one cares. So, it depends on what you do, who you are, where you live, and so on.

A range of lipsticks in various shades.

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