Going to The Beach

The weather was quite nice earlier today – sunshine and everything. So I felt like going to the beach. But there is no beach in London. Then I remembered, there’s a place that looks like a beach where Putney Thames Rowing Club is located near Putney Pier, so I went there this afternoon and took some selfies with the (fake) beach. The place isn’t that big. But it’s something different from the rest of London, definitely.

There’s a few pubs near the river. And during summer, There are lots and lots of people going there, drinking and hanging out by the water. I like living by the beach since I love ocean. So if I lived close to Putney Pier, I would also hang out near the River Thames during summertime almost every day. But I think, the rents or the house prices are also very high near the River Thames, particularly near Putney Pier. But I think, it’s worth it.

Maybe it’s also because where I’m from, there are lots of beaches. And you can go to the beaches all year round – not just summer. So, I just want to live somewhere that reminds me of something I used to. And for me, water also symbolises serenity. I could therefore sit on the beach and stare at the sea and look out into the vast, empty space all day long. It makes you think: This is what it means to be human, to enjoy life to the full and find happiness in the most simple things. And I love when the sun sets. I don’t know. There’s something alluring about it. But I think, I’m not the only one who loves sunset. That’s why I love nature. And I feel so bad when I hear nature is gradually being destroyed around the world.

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