Tortellini with Salmon for Dinner

My dinner for today was pesto & goats’ cheese tortellini with salmon. It’s yummy! I have been eating spicy Asian food almost every day, so I need something different for a change. No chilli. It’s chilli-free today. I just forgot to buy spinach and lemon. Well, just pasta and salmon is okay. I don’t eat much anyway. For my well-being and a more healthy body, I try not to eat too much before I go to bed. And I try to eat before 8pm. And that’s what I just did today. It just feels good when you take good care of yourself and your body.

Now that I’m done with the dinner, I will watch some movies, take a shower, work a little bit more on my script, and then go to bed.

I love cooking. So sometimes, I like spending my quality time making good food for myself.

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