Pancakes And Scrambled Eggs

This morning, I had pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage for breakfast. It’s the first time that I made pancakes and scrambled eggs myself for early meal or brunch. It tasted good, actually. But I think, everything that you make it yourself will always taste delicious. It’s something pleasant and cosy. It gives you that homely atmosphere. And today is Saturday, I feel like spending a quality time pampering myself with good food and good films later on. Well, if I could watch more than one movie tonight because I might be busy working on my screenplay, trying to fix my printer so that I could print out my script, responding to film crew emails, and selecting the right candidates.

So after breakfast, I will go through the applications, which I have received for the film crew positions which are DOP, sound recordist, boom operator, and VFX editor. Then after that I will try to repair my printer, then print out my screenplay to read it. My printer was working fine about a few months ago. But now, all of the sudden, it just doesn’t function anymore. I really need to print out my whole manuscript to go through it scene by scene. If I could not fix my printer, I would need to buy a new, cheap one. That’s it.

My breakfast was ready.

I found this simple recipe on the internet which I would like to share. The result is easy to make pancakes but delicious. Below is the pancake recipe.


  • 1 g Flour
  • 1 ml Milk
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 tbsp Melted butter in room temperature
  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/3 tsp Salt


  • Mix the flour with baking powder and salt in one bowl.
  • Then, whisk the egg in another bowl, after that add milk and melted butter and whisk them all together, until everything blends well together.
  • Add the egg mixture into the flour bowl and mix them well together again, using a spatula for baking or just a normal spatula is fine.
  • Then fry your pancakes one by one. With this measurement or recipe, I got about 5-6 big pancakes, or that of the usual size of a pancake. I had 3 pancakes yesterday. Then this morning, I just reheated the rest of it for my breakfast, which saved me time to make it again.
Homemade pancakes. Yummy!!!

That’s it. You could also add vanilla extract and sugar in the mixture, which many people do. But since I didn’t have them. So I didn’t use them. I stopped consuming sugar a while ago. But my pancakes turned out yummy anyway.

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