Late Breakfast

Today, I got up quite late around 9:30am. I normally get up around 5-6am. But because I feel a little bit sick for the past few days since I slept with open window about two days ago. I have been through lots of tough weathers and rarely get sick. But I just sleep with one window opens, then I get sick. So now, I have to be careful. I can’t afford to get sick because I have lots of things to do. And since I stood up late today, I have lots of things I have to catch up on. So after this blog post, I will go crazy with all my tasks.

I had some toasts with avocado and a cup of coffee for my late breakfast. It’s just very simple but healthy. I can’t eat that much right when I wake up. It takes me some time to get hungry. Next time I will have something to eat again will be around late afternoon. I’m not feeling well anyway. So I lose my appetite a little. I have to drink lots of water and tea instead. And ideally, I should relax some more. But that’s not gonna happen since I have my hands full with my screenplay, making self tape auditions, preparing monologues for auditions in person, planning the promotion and marketing for my upcoming movie which I’m working on the script at the moment, and so on.

Toasts with avocado. So healthy!

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