Iced Coffee

The weather starts getting more and more warm. So iced-cold drinks seem to be the best solution to help fight the heat in this incredibly warm weather. Iced coffee is one of my favourite summer drinks. It’s also very easy to make it yourself. You just make black coffee with lots of sugar in it, depending on how sweet you like it, then pour cream on top of it. Voila! your delicious iced coffee is ready. Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, I drink iced coffee almost every day now.

I don’t like drinking coca cola or other soft drinks. So when it’s very warm like today, I either drink iced coffee or juice or just cold soy milk. I try not to consume too much garbage into my body. That’s why I am not a fan of fizzy drinks and sugar, but lots of sugar in iced coffee is an exception since I drink it only during summertime, and not so often. Normally, I just drink water. That’s it. I also eat spicy food almost daily. So iced coffee seems to go along with it quite well.

Lots of coffee also keeps me awake at night which is good when I have lots of things to do, especially working on my feature-length drama screenplay, which I try to complete it as soon as possible. There is a lot of things that need to be adjusted in the script. So I work constantly on it, to really create a compelling manuscript the best I can. It’s my first spec script, after all. So I must write it as entertaining as possible. I also love reading books. I have some novels that I haven’t had a chance to finish them, yet. But for now, I just don’t really have time for that. I just want to finish making my horror film “Blood Type O” and my drama screenplay as soon as possible first.

I love iced coffee.

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