Dinner And Beer

I have been working on my screenplay all day since I stood up this morning. I’m just taking a break now, to cook my dinner. Because I have not even eaten anything, yet. I just had one cup of coffee when I woke up. And that’s it. I just got carried away when working on my script, so that I forgot to eat. I have written to page 7 now. So my 10-page manuscript is almost accomplished. 3 More pages to go. I think I can finish it today. Then tomorrow is about re-reading and revising the screenplay and continue to write. I think, I have got everything under control now. I so look forward to making a film out of it. It will be a very interesting movie, hopefully. I really pour my heart and soul into it because I believe in it.

I’m making a grilled pork belly for dinner. I just put it in the oven and forget about it, until the timer I have set rings. That’s when my dinner is done. I’m drinking a glass of beer and I’m going to find a good film to watch in the meantime, while I’m waiting. It’s just so relaxing when you take the time to cook good food for yourself, enjoy a glass of beer or wine while you’re waiting, then maybe read a good book or see a great film, until your food is ready. It makes me feel the time stands still. It’s like, I have the whole world for myself. I just sit back and enjoy my evening.

Now I will find a good film to watch while I’m waiting for my dinner to be ready. Then after the meal and I have finished watching the film, I will continue to work on my script. Just 3 more pages to go.

Enjoying a glass of beer while I’m preparing my dinner.
Now I put the pork in the oven and just forget about it, until the stopwatch makes a sound.

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