Flower Garden in Hyde Park

I went out today after the rain had stopped. The weather was ok warm and sunny in the afternoon. So I went to Hyde Park and took some photos with the beautiful blossoms there. I just love flowers. I wish I had a garden with all sorts of blooms in it. That would be wonderful. I took lots of pictures of the flowers. But I can’t post them all on my blog, which would be too many. So I only choose the best. Summertime just symbolises happiness, joy, new beginning, bright future, and similar. You feel like everything is possible. You can dress in floral dress and feel like a princess. You can go to the beach, picnic in the park, drink rose wine every day, hold a bbq party in your backyard, and many more. Since we have been waiting for the summer to come for so long, so when it actually materialises we must celebrate.

I have promised myself to, finally, explore Britain this summer. So I ought to keep my promise that I made to myself. If the weather is incredibly nice this summer, I will hop on a train and go somewhere new – just for a day or two on each trip, to really experience Britain, at long last. I have some settings in mind that I want to go. Can’t wait to start my new adventure!

At Hyde Park flower garden earlier today.

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