Writing Method

It’s a strange paradox that I find it’s difficult to concentrate on writing when I’m in a public place because of the noises such as cafe, restaurant, but while I work on my script at home I often listen to music at the same time which seems to help me write quicker – and sometimes loud music. But, I can’t work with noises at home either, but when it comes to music then is fine. In a public place is different, I can’t focus at all even though there is music.

Music works for me only at home. In fact, I capitalize on music to a great extent in which I write even faster and better by listening to music while I’m writing. The past 2-3 days, I listened to music constantly while I was working on my screenplay, and that’s why I could finish it, at long last. Therefore, I don’t really work on my screenplay outside of my home since I can’t keep my mind on writing anyway with a cacophony of all sounds.

But many found success in writing, which could be songs or books, in public places such as in a pub, restaurant. I could never do that. I have tried, but unsuccessful. But writing at home with music on seems to work for me perfectly. Music allows one scene to segue into the next. And things seem to flow out of my mind naturally. And that’s why I could write my screenplay smoothly and quickly till the FADE OUT within 2-3 days. Before, I tried to work on my script without music and didn’t really get anywhere. When I started listening to music while I was writing it worked like magic.

And this method is not new for some writers. Some writers or authors use music to inspire them and help them write more creatively and passionately. I find it to be true now.

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