Bay Window Sofa

Sometimes, I just want to put a sofa there where I have my bay window or terrace. But since it also functions as a balcony, so if I placed a couch there I then could not utilise it as a patio as well. And now it’s summer, so it’s a perfect time to really make use of the veranda. Then, maybe it’s not a good idea to block the balcony with a sofa. If I had other windows than this, I might do it anyway. It just makes the windows look so nice and cosy if there’s a couch there. I think. I like home decorating. I wish it was my own studio. Then, I might do something more with it. But I just rent it. Therefore, maybe it’s not a good idea to spend my energy to change things around. I am happy anyway the way it is now.

My terrace, which also looks like a bay window.

These are just some of the styles of a bay window seat that I would like to have in my studio.

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