A Day Off

I haven’t done much today. I just spend the day chilling out and catching up on paperwork a little bit. I will spend the weekend to do more. Today, I just want to relax and watch a good film. But before that, I will go through my Act 1 script one more time because I will bring it with me to give some people to read tomorrow, so that they can give me some feedback. Especially the first 10 pages, it has to be very exciting to hook the readers. So I will re-read it myself tonight and make some adjustment, then print it out and bring it with me tomorrow.

I also has to attend acting class tomorrow. I already booked the workshop. I look forward to it. I have been busy lately. So I haven’t had time to attend acting classes that often. But from now on, I will try to improve my skills in acting as much as I can. Because, this is what I wanted to be: An actress. I also wanted to be a writer. So I practise my writing skill daily as well and find some people to read my screenplay, most of them are actors and writers who read my script.

I don’t want to cook today. I will order a pizza instead. Then by the time the pizza arrives, I will have finished revising Act 1 of my script and ready to relax and watch a good film and eat pizza.

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