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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m very busy at the moment with my new jewellery business, work, and many other things. So I can’t really blog as often as I would want to. I try to blog when I can, though. I love blogging and writing. So I just can’t stop blogging for good. Whatever I do, I always return to writing. Writing is my top interest. That’s why I want to become a screenwriter. I just know, this is what I want to be. I still have my drama screenplay that I need to finish….soon. I will finalise it, at long last. That’s for sure.

I may even produce the film myself after I have completed my drama script. I love filmmaking and storytelling. So, maybe making the film myself seems to be an excellent idea. I have made a few short films so far, and plus I have been working in front of a camera as an actor myself for 15 years. So I think I have enough confidence and experience to make my first feature. As soon as my drama manuscript is ready, I will plan to produce the film myself. I will be directing the film as usual. I may again play one of the characters in the film, too. I am an actress, after all. Some actors turned directors, they do also play a part in their own films. So it’s quite common.

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