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    I do have a writer profile on FilmFreeway as well. I’m going to submit my screenplays and films on FilmFreeway more and more often. So, having a profile there seems to be a good thing, to make it easier for others to find out more about me as a writer, director, and actor right on the website. I also host my writer and actor CVs there for anyone to upload. If you want to see my writer CV, please head there now to upload it.

    I am serious with my filmmaking career. When my next horror short “Blood Type O” is complete, I will start promoting it to a great extent. I pour my heart & soul into this film for it to get made. So when it’s finally finished, I will do whatever I can to boost its appearance. That will be the final step of this filmmaking project.

    Today, I will spend time working on my feature-length drama screenplay. So later on today, I will start working on it. I’m just almost finished with the revision of it. So I will try to complete the assessment today or this week.

    buppha actress
    My headshot from last year.
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    The Media Production Show

    I went to The Media Production Show yesterday. It was okay. I attended some seminars that provided me some useful insight into how to go about starting my career as a filmmaker. Well, I do have experience in film industry for 15 years. But it just gave me additional knowledge than what I already know. So I did gain something from the show yesterday. I took, for example, part in “Future of British Films” which was very helpful and “Drama Screenwriters: Masterclass.” I also wanted to pay a visit to “Moving Up The Ladder – taking your first steps into the industry,” “Planning an International Production,” and “Live, Networked and Fast.” But they all started at around the same times from different conferences. So I couldn’t be at all of them at once. I therefore only managed to be at 2 forums, which I mentioned earlier.

    I wanted to go back today as well since it runs over 2 days – yesterday and today. But the weather isn’t so good today. So I decided to knock it on the head. I will just stay home and relax instead. Well, not quite. I still have lots of applications from the cast & crew for my horror short “Blood Type O” that I still have to go through. I have responded to some so far. There are too many. I have to do it bit by bit. Otherwise, I won’t have time to do nothing else. But tomorrow, I will spend more time to go through the applications since I don’t have to go nowhere. Today, I just got home not long ago. So my energy isn’t at the top like in the morning. Tomorrow, I will start sorting through the applications as soon as I stand up. Until I have found the right candidates.

    At The Media Production Show yesterday.
    Drama Screenwriters: Masterclass.
    I missed this meeting “Moving Up The Ladder – taking your first steps into the industry.” I didn’t go but I’m not happy about it. I’d prefer to have gone. But it’s being held about the same time as another seminar “Drama Screenwriters: Masterclass” which I attended. But it wasn’t that interesting, in my opinion. I didn’t really like it. If only I hadn’t been to the Drama Screenwriters: Masterclass, I could attend the Moving Up The Ladder – taking your first steps into the industry.
    Panasonic unit
    Walking around at the show.
    Funny enough, this one was in Danish which read “I can’t be passive. I must always do something.”
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    Casting Director And Agent

    I went to one of the free workshops “Casting Director, Agent, and Performer” for members of Spotlight in Chinatown yesterday. Some of the advice I have heard before and some I haven’t. So it was very useful, learning how to:

    • Impress casting directors with my (self taped) auditions.
    • Make good quality self tapes and showreels yourself without emptying your bank account by paying for a showreel company to do it for you, which could cost a lot of money. As an aspiring actor, you don’t have money to pay for those things you don’t really need if you can do it yourself.
    • Find agent that is right for you, who believes in you, and once you do have an agent how to communicate with your agent on a regular basis since communication with your agent is very vital.
    • Submit yourself to jobs on Spotlight.
    • Utilise Spotlight to the fullest extent.
    • Find the right roles for you.
    • And many more.

    It’s just one hour seminar from 6pm – 7pm. But for me, it was worth it since I am serious about my acting, writing, and directing careers so I always look for ways to acquire new expertise and wisdom, which can help move my careers forward. I also attend acting class regularly, to improve my acting skills, to meet fellow actors and make new connections or friends, and to keep my knowledge in acting and film industry current. So I do whatever I can to make my dreams come true and I enjoy every step I take because I love what I do. Each journey towards my goals is an adventure in itself. It’s also a challenge. I am not afraid of challenge. So it’s fine with me.

    In front of Spotlight building yesterday.
    Walking around in Chinatown after the workshop and did my shopping.
    Luckily, Spotlight is next to Chinatown, so after the workshop I also bought some Asian food and produce to cook delicious dishes at home.
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    Good Drama Screenplay

    I get a good feeling that my drama screenplay is going to be phenomenal, partly because it is based on my own true story (A member of my family to be precise. So, it’s not exactly me that this script is about. But it’s still my story in the sense that it happened to a member of my family.), which I know so well, and partly because I believe the manuscript is good since I write it from my heart. So I am very positive that whoever play the lead roles might receive some awards for their performances if they acted the best they could. They could even become a star overnight if they’re unknown actors. That’s why I wanted to make and direct this film myself if I did get the fund. I will also play one of the lead parts. But I won’t have much screen time as other lead characters.

    I am already finished the script. I tried to print out my screenplay last week to bring it to a writer group, but my printer wasn’t working. I will try to fix my printer again today, so that I can print it out to read it through to see if it needs more revision. If I couldn’t bring my printer back to life I might have to buy a new one. I can’t go to a shop to print it out since there are about 100 pages. I also need more than one copy to give out to some people I can trust to read it, too. I could just buy a new printer if I had to pay for 3-4 copies of the 100-page screenplay to be printed out. But I’m very happy with the script so far. I just haven’t had a feedback on the whole screenplay, yet. I did have some comments on the first 10 pages. But that’s it. So I do need an assessment for the complete manuscript as well before I can start applying for a fund for the film to be made.

    After this blog post, I also have to go out for a few meetings today regarding my acting career. So I don’t have time to read my screenplay and fix my printer, not until I am home again tonight. I wish I had a whole free week, so that I could read my script and rewrite it and finish it, at long last. But for now, it doesn’t seem I will have a whole week free. I am quite busy at the moment. Anyway, I will try to read my finished screenplay once I have time to do so.

    From last year.

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    Home Sweet Home

    Home again. Good to be back home. Although I am not home that much lately. Tomorrow, I will be out again and won’t be home until very late, more late than today. The day after tomorrow as well. After this blog post, I might go straight to bed to get some sleep because tomorrow will be a very long, hard day. The same on Sunday. So I have to make sure I get enough rest. I bought a Chinese takeaway for my lunch at the acting class. But I only ate a little bit of it. When I got home I tried to finish it. But I couldn’t. I was too tired to eat. Even though I was hungry. But never mind, I can always save it for tomorrow. Maybe, I will eat the leftover when I come home again tomorrow as a late-night meal.

    I went to a writer meetup group today without bringing the copies of my screenplay with me because my printing machine isn’t working properly. I then tried to download my script from the screenwriting software website that I use, so that I could print it out at the school instead. But then I couldn’t download it with my tablet. I clicked and clicked on the download button, but nothing had been downloaded. So I didn’t have the copies of my manuscript to give out to others to read and give me feedback. What a shame. I was working hard last night and went to bed late to revise my screenplay, so that it would be ready for today to bring it to the writer group. All my effort to revise my screenplay last night ready for today was in vain. Oh well, I will try to find some people I can trust to read it instead.

    After this blog post, I can’t go to bed right away anyway. Now I remember that I have another writing assignment to do. The deadline is getting closer and closer. So I have to start working on it tonight since this weekend I will be too busy and too tired to work on it. So I have to write whenever I have an empty slot of time to do so. Maybe I will work on it for a few hours tonight. Then tomorrow, I reread it. When I come home again tomorrow night, I edit it. Then Sunday morning, I go through it one more time. Then hopefully, by Sunday, I will be finished with it. After I have been writing for some time and almost every day, both by blogging and writing my screenplays, I can work on a writing commission faster. It’s such a good training in writing, indeed.

    From last year.
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    Just did another filming yesterday. It’s a sci-fi (horror) film. It was fun being turned into a corpse in the end. The SFX makeup artists really did a great job. They actually made me look dead. I got scared of myself when I saw the photos after transformation. After that, we had a wrap party somewhere in Soho. I made some new connections with other filmmakers, which was good. This is what it’s all about: If you are a filmmaker, having connections with other filmmakers is very useful. All in all, working in entertainment industry connection is the key if you’re serious about your work, of course.

    I tried not to tell people that I’m also a filmmaker since I didn’t want to offend anyone. Because, some might think I’m just a movie extra, which I’m not (I used to, but not anymore), since the role I played yesterday wasn’t a speaking role. But the reason why I took the job anyway because I like sci-fi/horror films. I also like the work of the screenwriter of this project. Well, I will be more selective next time when accepting the acting jobs because it really affects how people perceive me, according to speaking or not speaking role that I have, how long screen time I have, for instance.

    So when I told them I’m an actress, writer, producer, and a director as well, I could see some didn’t like it by walking away, pretending they had to go to the loo and some were just turning around to talk to someone else, which I found quite unprofessional. But even before I told them what I do, some were not so keen to talk to me or even shake hands since they might think I am just an extra. So, there’s no need to waste their time talking to me. I have learned my lesson here. But it’s in my nature since I’m an outgoing and friendly person. I like to tell people what I do because I am proud of what I do and to share my passion with like-minded people. I shall keep a low profile next time.

    Before the makeup artists turned me into a dead body.
    Having a few drinks and something to eat at the bar near the set before moving to Soho for a wrap party.
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    Drama Short Film

    I may make a drama short film from my feature-length screenplay instead of the horror short “Blood Type O,” which I have got a lot of constructive feedback regarding its horror script. And that’s why its title has changed from “Blood Group O” to “Blood Type O” instead because this is how people will say it here, according to the feedback I have got. But if I found other titles that are better, I might change the title again. Taking my script to a writing group really was a useful approach. I realised, getting lots of different views on my script is one of the best ways to improve my scriptwriting. It’s especially helpful for new writers like me. When I have already written lots of screenplays, I may not need it. It depends.

    So now I know that my horror script isn’t ready to be made into film, yet. It needs a lot of revision. Therefore I want to take some time to rewrite it first. On the other hand, my drama screenplay is ready because I have already got some comments on it and have already edited it. So I can use it to make a short film instead. The whole manuscript still has to go through a reworking, though. But some parts of it are okay to turn into short films. I will be busy with lots of things throughout this week. So I have to work harder to plan the making of my short drama film. I still have to work against time since I have some film festivals in mind that I want to send it to whose deadlines are already coming close. And plus, I’m also busy with acting, filming, and working on top of that. So I have to utilise my time wisely in order to have everything under control.

    From lat autumn.
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    New Film Project

    I think, I will go to bed early today. And I have a LONG manuscript to read again for a new film project that I will be part of. Again, it’s not my film. I’m just one of the actors. My character isn’t that long. But I will need to read the whole script anyway, to fully understand the plot: What is exactly about? Then I can act accordingly. This is a very long screenplay, almost 300 pages. But it’s a very unique project with amazing filmmakers in it – both known and aspiring. So I need to be fresh and energetic to read it. My mind has to be crystal clear. So going to bed early today, and getting up early tomorrow morning, and beginning to read it right away, would be a good idea.

    I may do some research about the story as well, to really get to know the whole essence of it. As an actor & filmmaker, I like to be completely engaged and committed to the project that I am in. There’s no point working on a project, but you are not passionate or care enough about it. I get so excited every time I have to start on a new work and read a new script. I just do – no matter big or small roles. For me, every single performance is an opportunity.

    I also have to stand up early anyway to resume my search for the film crew. I have set some dates for the shoot quite a good distance from now. So I think, I have given myself plenty of time to look for film crew. I feel very confident now that I have enough time to prepare for the filming of my horror short “Blood Group O.” I also have to start the crowdfunding project soon, to turn it into a feature film. This short film is just a pitch for fund to make the feature film. I have also talked to various people about the plot of my film. Some are very interested, and some are not so sure if it is something for them. But I completely understand.

    This is the nature of this business. Not all have to like the same thing. For me, it’s important that I find the people who are truly passionate about the story of the film and about what they do. Then, they can give themselves 100% – or more even. I’m not the only one who experiences this kind of situation in which some people might not quite understand the plot of your film. I think many directors and writers, botn famous and not so famous, do experience similar thing. So it’s nothing new.

    Recent selfie.
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    I Am Now on Spotlight

    I am now a Spotlight member. I have been busy still looking for crew members for my upcoming horror short “Blood Group O.” Then, I also have lots of self-tape auditions to make. And yesterday, I had also just finished filming a short film as an actress. But it’s not my film. I am also an actor. So I do work on film sets as well as an actor on top of making my own films. The short film I was filming yesterday, I played a maid with an Asian accent. So, I really look forward to seeing the film once it is complete. It will also be sent to film festivals. So once I get all the info and screening dates, I will let you know 🙂

    By the way, the house we were filming yesterday, the owner is also Danish. She’s very nice. So it was a coincidence. I started talking Danish with her. And some people scratched their heads because I look Asian, but I speak Danish?! I don’t really speak Danish with nobody. But yesterday, all of the sudden I had to converse in Danish and I could talk Danish as if I still speak the language daily. She was surprised when I told her I rarely speak Danish to anyone here in UK. I think, it’s just in the back of my head. It just comes out naturally whenever I have to speak Danish despite I haven’t spoken the language for years.

    I also have to finish my screenplay. But for the time being, I think, I will focus on the search for film crew members first. I really want to bring this project to life. So for now, I will spend my energy to make this horror short “Blood Group O.” I’m getting there. There are now only two crew members that I still need: A DOP and a (SFX) makeup artist. I have everybody else in place. So I have to find these two crew members asap, so that I can start shooting the film. I am just so busy with lots of things at the minute. So I don’t actively seek them. Now, I will need to be more serious if I want this horror short to be made as soon as possible.

    Below is the dog on the film set yesterday. She also worked on the set in one of the scenes. She’s so cute and very good. She did a good job. She just did what they wanted her to do in one take. That’s it.

    Posing for selfie.
    The DOP was also female. You can see her back carrying that thing to support or hold the camera.
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    VFX Makeup Artist

    I have everybody applied for all positions that I have advertised looking for film crew for my horror short “Blood Group O” but VFX makeup artist? Why nobody applies? I can see, there’s a lack of it in film industry. There are some, of course. But not as many as normal makeup artist, DOP, photographer, runner, AD, sound recordist, editor, and so on. Because, if there are as many as other crew members, sure someone would have applied. But, I get zero application so far. But I get lots of applications from everybody else. So I consider, maybe I will just take a VFX makeup artist class and do it myself. Maybe it’s easier. Waiting for some to apply could take me ages for that to happen. If I took the (VFX) makeup artist course from the beginning when I first posted the ad, which was about a few weeks ago, I might have completed it by now and be able to apply the VFX makeup myself. Then, there are fewer crew members to hire. I’m also an amateur photographer. So, learning how to apply makeup professionally could also benefit me. Because, I could also apply the makeup for the models myself. So I might enrol myself in (VFX) makeup course. I am going to shoot my film soon. But, I might postpone the filming date until I have completed the makeup course. I have been working in film & TV for the past 15 years and know, there are plenty of jobs within film industry alone. So, it creates lots of work in various sections, departments, and many more – both working on the film set itself and in the office. But many may not realise that. I forget that myself. But when I started searching for film crew not long ago, I could see that I just look for film crew for my 5-minute short film, but I need almost 10 crew members, and maybe more. And when I work on set myself, I can see there’s an army of film crew working on an actual feature film. So, there’s a lot of jobs just for 1 movie to be made. And surprisingly, the payment is quite good, compared to traditional jobs. And one of the best parts of it is that, you do not need high education to be able to do most of these jobs. So, it’s very easy for anyone to get hired as long as they have the right skills, hard working, ambitious, passionate about what they do, and so on.

    I took some photos of this girl, Grace, when I tried to teach myself to become a photographer in 2017.
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