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    Relaxing Friday

    I am watching my favourite comedy film again tonight. I just don’t know what to see. So I simply watch my fave comedy again and again. I like watching comedies when I want to relax and have some laugh. I try not to work on my jewellery online store for just one night because I am working on my new startup business 24/7, pretty much. I can’t relax when my business is quite new. I want it to have a successful launch as soon as possible. Then, by that time, I can take it easy.

    buppha witt actress
    buppha writer
    I love wearing my own jewellery. I just don’t sell jewels. I like wearing them myself as well. Wherever I go, I always wear my own jewellery. Love it!

    This weekend, if I have time, I also have to prepare my candle making. As I mentioned in my past blog posts that I am going to make and sell scented candles as well. I love organic candles. So my scented candles are going to be made with 100% natural ingredients such as pure soy wax, pure essential oils. It just makes me feel good when I know I am using things that are made of natural materials, which are harmful to both humans and environment. I think I’m not the only one. I think we all do. So the idea of making organic candles for people who care about wellbeing and nature as much as I do just comes naturally to me.

    buppha model
    At a casting studio about a few days ago.

    Besides working on my jewellery business, I’m also very busy with my acting and filmmaking career, mostly my own films and projects. I had just finished shooting my second short film last year “Blood Type O.” This year, I will try to finalise the post-production as soon as possible, so that I can also give my cast & crew the copy of the project as promised. I know it is important to them as it is to me, so that they can use it to promote themselves and to further their careers. I hope my short film could help them move their careers forward to some extent.

    Once my second short is complete I will start shooting my first feature film as well, which I write the script myself. It’s a drama. It’s also based on a true story, just not mine. But some people who I know very well. I am very excited to make this feature film since it’s going to be a good film. Well, I just know it – partly because the screenplay is original, and partly because the story is based on a true event. So you can’t go wrong with that. I just can’t wait to start filming it soon. I just have to make this film. I can feel it. It has to be told. When you watch the film, you will know why.

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    Candle Making

    I plan to make and sell candles as well. I love scented candles. I like the perfumes that make me feel calm, relaxed, invigorating, and make my home smell like a flower garden. It just feels so nice to surround myself with beautiful scents all the time. Good, natural fragrances can really fill you with lots of energy and positive thoughts. It’s so incredible how scents can do to your mind & soul.

    That’s why all my candles will be made using just natural ingredients such as 100% soy wax, 100% essential oils. Natural components are good for your health, too. I don’t want to fill my home with lots of chemical and synthetic stuff either. So I try to avoid using materials that are not good for your well-being and the environment as well. I also want my scented candles to smell like the real flowers, and by using 100% essential oils I can achieve just that. Well, I just can’t wait to start my candle business soon!

    scented candle
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    Each Jewellery is A Piece of Art

    Each jewellery I make is a piece of art because I have devoted my time and love to it (some of the jewels on my online store SparklyDolls I make them myself). Therefore each of them is something special since it’s being created by someone who’s truly passionate about it. I feel the same way about writing. I just don’t write something; I write because I love it and love telling good stories. Therefore I feel quite bad now because I don’t really have time to revise my drama screenplay. Well, I will finish it, at long last – one day. But soon.

    valentine's day gifts
    This “I Love You Necklace” I make them myself. So it’s a made-to-order jewellery.

    Just finished adding more products onto my online store SparklyDolls.com. I must say, I work 24/7 on my new business startup. But I like what I do. So I don’t mind that much how many hours I have to spend on my jewellery business. Same with writing and acting. I can just keep moving forward. These things are my top interests. So, there’s no going back. Some of the jewels, I make them myself. I just enjoy creating art and craft.

    This “Heart-shaped Engraved Name Ring” is so gorgeous! I didn’t make it myself, though. Another company made it. But I just love it! The quality is so good as well. So I wear it almost every day. It’s just so cute not to wear it daily. But I do take it off when I have to take a shower and things like that – just to keep it away from water as much as I can. I take good care of each piece of my jewellery like a baby, so that I can wear them as long as possible. I once accidentally sprayed a perfume on it. It then left a little mark on it, which you can barely see. Fragrances are not good for jewels since they contain alcohol. £40 for this heart-shaped ring is worth it (that’s the cost on my online store SparklyDolls) because whoever is making this heart ring is carefully crafting this masterpiece ring specifically to your order, with the name or initials you desire on it. The result is, a beautiful ring that you will love. I do, definitely.

    custom name necklace
    I just got this beautiful royal crown nameplate necklace today. Love it!
    gold necklaces
    Beautiful layers.

    I went to Chinatown the other day and wore my Dragon Necklace as well. Chinatown and golden dragon necklace seem to be the perfect match. This dragon necklace suits any jewels. You can wear it with almost anything, to create that chic look. There’s a new trend in jewellery today. Modern jewellery is a hit now such as Asian and religious jewels, personalised nameplate jewellery, for instance – especially in gold colour. They don’t have to be pure gold – just gold plated, gold filled, or gold colour will do just fine, as long as it’s gold colour. Then, you just layer various designs the way you like it, to create your own style.

    golden dragon necklace
    chinatown london
    Time to shop all my rice and noodles again.

    Apropos of Australia, I was heartbroken when I heard the news about the bushfire, especially for those innocent people and animals who lost their lives in the Australia’s wildfires. I love animals, and heaving to hear that maybe half a billion animals in Australia are being wiped out completely, and some are, perhaps, already extinct as well because of the fires. Australia is very close to Thailand, maybe about 5-6 hours by flight. So we have quite similar nature and landscapes, with the wildlife and all that. It’s just so sad to even think about. I will continue to write a blog post specifically for Australia another day instead since it can be a long post.

    Good night!


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    Handmade Cosmetics

    I’m blogging from my mobile. I have been working in front of a laptop all day long searching for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer. So now I’m exhausted. I can’t sit in front of a laptop no more. Luckily, WordPress has a mobile app which you can just blog on the app from your mobile – very convenient. I’m not that tired. But I don’t want to watch a film either. I don’t want to go to bed now either since I’m not tired. I must find something to do. I might look through my old recipes how to make serum. I like making my own skincare, using natural ingredients. I rarely buy skincare products. I use my own handmade cosmetics. When I’m running out of ingredients, I just go to shops around London to buy new ingredients. I know those shops well, and vice versa. Since I am their regular customer. I enjoy making my own natural skincare for my own use and as a hobby. It just brings me closer to the nature. Just the smell of natural ingredients makes me feel good already. Now I think I will make my new serum for younger looking skin. A small bottle containing 30ml of serum lasts about 1-2 months. I don’t like making too much at a time. I make small amount each time and use it up quickly. Then I make a new, fresh one after that.

    Jojoba seeds.

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    Healthy Smoothie

    This morning I felt like having a light breakfast. So I made fruity smoothie instead of real breakfast. It’s banana, strawberry, and blueberry smoothie. it tasted very refreshing. What I did was that I purchased fresh strawberry and blueberry and stored them in the freezer, to preserve their freshness. If I didn’t do that I then had to eat the fruits within 1-2 days already. Otherwise they will rot very fast, especially strawberry and blueberry they tend to spoil very rapidly. After I put them in the freezer, I have them for 3-4 days now, and they are still as fresh as when I bought them.

    It looks so delicious!

    That’s why I love summer. It somehow persuades me to eat healthy when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. You just feel like eating lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, and the like when it’s sunny outside. Just like when you are on vacation somewhere exotic and tropical. You can create a sense of being on holiday in a warm country by eating healthy food with all sorts of vegetables and having fruits as dessert or snack instead, and maybe making a cocktail to go along with it. I have some simple cocktail recipes to share next time for this warm weather.

    Frozen fruits are very fruitful. All their qualities, minerals, and vitamins are being kept alive to the fullest extent.

    Although it’s officially summer now. But the weather is still changing a lot. It’s like we have all seasons in one day. This week, for example, we have rain, sunshine, dull and cold weather, and so forth. I can’t figure out anymore what to wear. Sometimes I get out in the morning and it’s cold because of the rain, so I wear winter coat, then as the days goes by the sun starts shining and all, and I look awkward with winter jacket on when everybody else is wearing summer clothes. That’s London rain. You just have to get used to it. I have been living here for many years, but I still haven’t adjusted myself to its inconstant climate yet.

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    Lunch Time

    Time to have lunch. I just make a quick noodle soup for my late lunch. It’s so delicious. Sometimes, something so simple and quick can taste very yummy. I therefore always store some noodles in my cupboard because they can come in handy when I need something quick & easy for my meal. Summer just reminds me so much about the warm, tropical country I am form, Thailand. I no longer remember how does it feel like sitting or walking on the beach barefoot feeling the sand through my toes, how beautiful the sunset above the ocean is, the cool & wonderful sea breeze that touches my face, the exotic, palm-dotted islands that I have visited, and more. So every bite of Asian food just takes me right back to the land where paradise on earth does exist, and that nature is a vital part of our existence and wellbeing. And I think, having grew up with the nature all around me really makes me appreciate nature all the more.

    I think about the time when I was young going to school barefoot. The journey to the school wasn’t an easy task. But it’s a worthwhile trip since I got to wear no shoes, enjoy the nature along the way, chase the butterflies, and the like. It’s one of the most unforgettable times in my life. And I think about it almost daily. All of this because of my father who’s an ideologist and a teacher. He wanted all children to have education. So he decided not to teach students in the cities, but in places which civilisation hasn’t reached them yet such as small, rural villages, towns closer to the borders. So I got the chance to live like the locals. And every day I am grateful to my parents for the precious experience they gave me.

    Quick & tasty noodle soup with crispy pork belly and bok choy.
    Spicy food with strawberry and banana smoothie.
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    I Love The Beach

    I love the beach, sand, sun, sea, blue sky, etc. I just love nature and travel. Now summer is here. When I have time I may hop on a train and go somewhere new. I love water and beach. So I may end up somewhere that has something to do with the beach and ocean again. Like last year, I spontaneously went to Brighton beach last spring. It’s still quite chill, though. So I didn’t walk around that much. I also wore summer clothes. I didn’t realise the weather out there close to the water would be more cold than in the city in London. This year, I will be more prepared. Maybe I will go to Kent beach or somewhere different, now that I have been to Brighton beach. There are many other beaches waiting to be explored.

    Brighton beach last spring.
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    I Love Summer

    I love summer and flowers. So wherever I see them I take photos of them. Especially in this weather, I could walk around and take photos of flowers all day long if I had lots of free time to do so. I saw this shop or pub or cafe, but I think it looked more like a cafe or a coffee shop, with beautiful flower decoration outside, so I had to take some pictures of it. It’s located right next to Clapham Common. I love the area. It’s so hip & trendy. And the Clapham Common park is just right there. In summer, I can guarantee you, there will be lots and lots of people sitting in the park – mostly young people. Sometimes when I pass by in the summertime I think there’s a concert or something going on since there’s a lot of people sitting on the grass. You would be lucky if you could find a spot to sit there when the weather is incredibly warm and the sun is shining. Talking about summer, sunshine, and all that I just so look forward to going to parks and beaches when it’s summer.

    I like walking on the grass barefoot when I go to park or sauntering on the beach barefoot. It’s so relaxing and you get more in touch with the nature. You can feel the energy from the earth storming through your feet. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

    Therefore no wonder it is a nice area to live, especially for young people who can afford to live there. And Brixton and Liverpool Street and Waterloo are not too far from it either. So, it’s quite central. I wish I lived there. I also like Shoreditch, which is similar to Clapham Common. Another cool area to live – just bigger. So even though I live in South West London, but I do go to, for example, Clapham, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, and Camden often. In summertime, I usually visit these places. It’s just a whole new world from where I live.

    A very cute cafe or coffee shop.
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    Spring is Here

    Spring has now officially arrived. But of now, the weather looks pretty much the same like winter, except that it’s not that cold. But it still looks dull and cloudy. The sun doesn’t begin to beam yet. I only wait for the sunshine. Everything changes a lot when the sun shines. I think, the sunlight is a metaphor for happiness, new beginning, renewal, possibility, bright future, and many other positive things you can think of. Therefore I always look forward to the summer. The time of year that allows me to walk around the city and go to many places I want to go without thinking of the cold and bad condition. Strolling around town or sitting and picnicking in the park or on the beach under the sun is one of the most enjoyable activities to do during summertime. I wish the sun would always shine throughout the year. But that’s not possible here in Europe. Anyway, summer is not so far away now. So, this will be one of the things I anticipate.

    Nice flowers by the road.
    Selfie with the stunning blossom.
    You will see this flower everywhere from now in UK. It makes the streets look so beautiful and summery.
    The trees in front of my village.
    In my village.
    The park opposite the village.
    I love nature.
    Good morning!
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    Wimbledon Village

    I went for a walk this morning for about 1 hour. I first took a bus to Putney High Street with a bin bag of used clothes to give to a charity shop. I couldn’t walk with a big bag of old clothes from my home to Putney High Street because it would be too heavy for me. After that I walked from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village which took me about 1 hour. If I had to walk from my home to Wimbledon Village it would take me only about 20 minutes. And from my home to Putney High Street would take me about 35-45 minutes. Therefore it took me about one hour to walk from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village. Even though I live closer to Wimbledon Village than Putney, I rarely go to Wimbledon Village or Wimbledon. I often go to Putney instead, to do my shopping and stuff.

    When I had walked halfway from Putney High Street to Wimbledon Village I looked like this.
    Because I walked through the wind and rain this morning so when I got to Wimbledon Village and sat down to have a cup of latte I looked tired, as if I just got out of bed. And my hair was kind of messy because of the wind. I didn’t put makeup on either. I just went for a walk, to exercise. So, no need of makeup.
    The Wimbledon Windmill and The London Scottish Golf Club are just about 10 minutes walk from my place.
    Nice houses in the neighborhood near my studio.
    Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common – near Wimbledon Village.
    Cute houses around Rushmere Pond.
    Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone boutiques at Elys of Wimbledon department store.
    A mini supermarket selling fresh produce and a flower shop in Wimbledon Village. They looked so colorful, refreshing, and beautiful.
    There are lots of expensive fashion shops in Wimbledon Village, which I can’t afford 🙁

    Sticks ‘n’ Sushi in Wimbledon. It’s a Copenhagen-based sushi restaurant. Funny enough, its first restaurant (or rather a takeaway at that time) opened in 1994 on the street where I was used to living which was Nansensgade in Copenhagen. I walked past it one day and noticed there’s a new sushi takeaway and eatery just opened; I then stopped by and tried its food which was quite good. So I became its regular customer since I love sushi, until I moved to somewhere else.

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