Fall Fashion

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I was on my way home, then I passed by the London Fashion Week fashion show/event near Temple station. Just somewhere in central London, not so far from Charing Cross station as well. I then got off the bus and … Continued

Rock ‘N’ Roll Look is Back!

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This fall, it seems that the rock ‘n’ roll look is back. I already have a lot of these types of outfits in my wardrobe. So I don’t really have to buy new clothes for the trend. Many of them … Continued

Vintage Markets

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It’s Saturday today. I feel like going to vintage markets around London. The sun was shining and all earlier this morning when I stood up. Now, the sun stops shining. But I still want to go out to take a … Continued

80s Look

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My horror short “Blood Type O” is set in the early 80s, to stay true to the real event which took place in the early 80s – maybe around 1982 when I was around 10-12 years old. So I have … Continued

Rock Chick Look

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I love music and fashion, especially rock ‘n’ roll. So I dress according to the music I like which is rock music, of course. I like to combine second-hand and new clothes together, to create a unique look that truly … Continued

Addicted to Fashion

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Just got home from a casting not long ago. While I was walking on the pavement on my way to the casting a sudden downpour of rain made me run desperately, looking for somewhere to hide myself from the rain. … Continued

I Love Fashion

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I love fashion. So once in a while, I do buy new fashion clothes. I like to keep the color tone of my clothes in neutral colors, such as beige, gray. I just think these color palettes suit my skin … Continued

New Boots

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I don’t really have a pair of smart boots. I do have some pairs. But they’re something cheap and unfashionable, which I don’t really like them or even use them that often – only when I work on sets. So … Continued

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