My First Experience On A Film Set

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Flashes back to 1988 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (I was living in that city at the time), I was at the wrong place and at the wrong time. I didn’t know, I was in the vicinity of a film set. What happened was, I went shopping at a market nearby, all of the sudden I heard bombs exploded not too far from the market. I was running and screaming like crazy because I thought it was real. But after a while, I saw that people didn’t seem to be scared or running like me. In fact, some even laughing at me. So, I stopped and asked them what’s going on? They then told me that they’re filming American war movie. Then I thought, why no one informed me about this? I could have been injured or killed. That was my first experience on or near a film set. And at that time, I didn’t even have a slightest thought of becoming an actress or a filmmaker. When I got home again, I thought, it’s very interesting how they make films. I got hooked on film making right away. When I came to Europe, I tracked down the film, and it turned out it was Casualties of War. So, I watched the movie. It was a good film, indeed. It has a very good meaning in it: In the end, they’re all being brought to justice and being punished for their crime regardless of who they are. It sent an important message that sexual harassment and bully will not be tolerated – no matter big or small. But, it’s also not easy to watch. And I think, every actor did give an incredible performance. Well, that’s how I got introduced to film industry or film making by accident.

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