Cleaning Day

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I have been busy filming almost constantly. So, I have not cleaned my flat for a while, which is so embarrassing. So today, I have spent the whole day cleaning my place. I’m just finished it now or not long ago. What a relief! I need to clean my home once a week from now on. If my place is dirty I can’t be creative writing my screenplay. I feel like it blocks my productivity. When everything looks clean & clear my productivity and creativity maximize. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. And also, I have just finished filming a TV series about cleaning in which I played a cleaner. So, when they finished filming the series I still carry on to be a cleaner. I really get  into character….hehe

But, it’s a good thing. I finally got myself together to clean my place thoroughly. Now, I can write the film script without something’s blocking my productivity. I don’t think I can complete my screenplay this weekend, which is fine. I have at least tried. Hopefully, I will be able to finalize it next week. I must stick to my plan and finish my screenplay as soon as possible. Anyway, I have a feeling, I will be able to finish it next week.

Now my bathroom’s walls are so shiny like mirrors 🙂

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