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When I made my short, Instant Risk, I didn’t think of myself as an actress that much, or I just completely forgot that I was playing a lead actress in it as well, so I didn’t give myself that many lines. I gave other actors in my film more lines than myself. I focused more on the technical aspect of it, than as an actress. I did make the film with no crew. So, I took care of everything behind the scenes. It was a good experience, indeed. Anyway, no lines for the lead actress no problem because that’s her character, Birgit (the lead actress playing by me) is a reticent woman, living a quiet life with a loser, Tolbert, to hide her true identity. So, even though I didn’t have that many lines, but the character stayed true to the story. I wouldn’t have changed it anyway. It’s a short film, after all. Birgit will have more lines in the feature film, so. I’m working on the screenplay now. I think, it’s an exciting, good story that needs to be told and made. I even plan to make the feature film myself. It doesn’t need to be expensive to make. There are many low-budget feature films out there that became sensational, think Halloween, The Blair Witch Project, for instance. But, I could even get away with it with much lesser budget. I don’t need that much money to make film to begin with. It’s just for fun, experiment, and to gain some experiences as a first time filmmaker. I look forward to shooting my first feature film in a not too distant future!

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