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At the moment, I’m also working on a feature film screenplay of my short film, Instant Risk. I have to have a script for a feature film version ready as well, just in case. The story looks exciting. So I thought, this could turn into a feature film as well. And why not? When I wrote the script for the short I could see its potential to be made into a feature film. It doesn’t hurt anyway, to try to write a whole feature film out of it. And today while I’m working on the screenplay I enjoy every moment of it. I think the story is good. I write for myself. I have to fall in love with the story first, otherwise I can’t continue to write 120 pages or something. It’s not easy. If I’m not so thrilled enough, to wake up every morning to work on something then the story is not good enough for me. I will know it right away. Then I will stop and find other stories to tell. But I stick to this one day after day because I love it. And I enjoy every word I write down. I have been working on the screenplay the whole day. I will take a break now. I will resume the writing shortly.

It’s been a total joy working on my own project, finally. I have made student films before when I went to film school in Denmark. But that was many, many years ago. And I didn’t work alone that time. I worked as a team in a group of 4-5 students. Each group competed against other groups to make good movies. Today, I work on my own: A film with no crew. To be precise. Just to save money and time. To begin to work with less crew as much as possible, even alone which is what I do now, is an easy start – just to get going right away. The more I wait for others to join me in my film making project the longer time it will take me to, actually, get started. And I might never get it made at all if I continued to wait. So I just jumped right in, making the film by myself. I didn’t care how challenging it could be. The result is, the film was, finally, made within a short period of time. No more waiting, just do it. And when I look back I know, I have made the right decision. My dream will remain a dream if I only dream of it. But if I try to make it come true with all the resources, ability, and skills I already possess then a dream is no longer a dream. It’s something realistic and achievable. 

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