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I have spent time working on my short film day & night, creating film storyboard, looking through actor applications, arrange to shoot the film, where will my film be screened, and many more. It’s a lot to do. But, I’m almost there. Making storyboard for my film is fun and very useful. So the film is well-organised, which will make the filming process run smoothly and finish on time. It also helps me know the time I really need in each scene, when and how I will film, is it easy or difficult?, do I actually need this scene?, and so on. It really helps me visualize the whole process and see it in a more realistic way, so I can seeĀ  how I am going to approach this whole thing in a more manageable way. It speeds up my project to a great extent when I know what I am going after, how long it will take, and how the end result could look like. I will make more storyboard and add to its own page here later on. So you can follow my project till the end šŸ™‚

By the way, I have changed my film title to Birgit Reenberg.

I tried to make a snowfall. But it’s taking to long to create tiny snow particles over the entire image, so I only managed to add a sprinkle of snow just at the top of the picture as you can see. I could use a software to achieve it. But I don’t have time searching for the right software at the moment. So, I just made what I could make. Yes, I plan to shoot this scene in snow. But, if I couldn’t do it then never mind. It’s just an idea.

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