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My script is now complete! And I’m very happy with it. Nothing will be changed no more. But, I do have to change the title, tagline, and the summary a little bit, so that it makes sense with the new plot. Most part of the plot remains the same, only some has been adjusted and added to transform it into an action movie as well. So tomorrow, I will work on new title (or, I might not change it at all), new plot summary, and tagline. Since I have now accomplished the majority part of the project which is to finalize the screenplay the rest will be easier to achieve. I am over the moon now. I have a feeling, it’s going to be good! And I will still shoot my film with my cell phone. I plan to submit it to film festivals as well. After I’m finished polishing the script, which I will do tomorrow, I will start sending the script out to actors I have shortlisted to send me their self tape auditions. After that, I will begin to film. I’m so glad that I have managed to get myself together and write a script and make the film, at long last. Phew!

Now, I will celebrate it by watching some good movies and relaxing.

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