Martial Arts in The Park

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I went to park this morning to practise martial arts. It’s the first time I do this. I live next to the park, but I hardly take advantage of it. Now I have to start doing it. It was wonderful, going to park in the morning, getting fresh air, and doing exercise. I should do this more often. And even there’s no sunshine today, but the weather is quite nice, actually. I feel totally amazing practising martial arts every day, or as often as I possibly can. I can feel the more I train or exercise for a six pack, the better it gets day by day. And it’s also good for me when I have to write the battle or fighting scenes for my screenplay. Because, then I know exactly what to write & how since I know the fight techniques inside out myself. When you write what you know your story becomes interesting & original to the audience, I think. I love what I do. And I try to give it 100% whether it is martial arts or writing.

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