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I have not blogged for a while, busy with my e-commerce business, WWW.BOHOFOREST.COM. I also practise martial arts, San Shou Kuan and other fighting techniques I have learned, almost every day. Even though I only attend the martial arts classes once a week, but the rest of the week I do practise it as much as I can. I want to be able to use these fighting skills in my upcoming short film confidently. So, I have to practise it as often as possible. I feel amazing and my body also feels great. I did not attend the fighting for film workshops yesterday, though. I was busy with my jewellery and cosmetics business, adding products to the website, designing the site, doing the marketing and stuff the day before Sunday till like 3am in the morning. Then I remembered, I had to go to martial arts lessons in the evening on Sunday. But I was too tired, hadn’t got enough sleep, so I didn’t go anyway. And I didn’t feel good about it. Well, if you can’t then you can’t. I do practise it almost daily. So, to skip the workshops once in a while shouldn’t make such a huge difference. Now, I feel much better.

I spent my weekend working on my e-commerce business instead of working on my short film’s script. Today, I will spend my whole day producing my screenplay then. Then tomorrow, I also have to attend acting class. So, I will see how far I can get my film script done today.

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