Doing My Own Stunts

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One of the reasons why I attend martial arts classes and stage combat unarmed and armed workshops weekly, so that I can do my own stunts in my own films that I am going to make them myself. All in all, I can, definitely, utilise these skills in my acting career. Therefore, they are very useful skills which I can use in many ways and many levels. So, on top of using the martial arts skills in films, I can also use them for self defense and to keep fit in which I do use the techniques to workout daily. I also walk almost every day for at least 1 hour. All of these regular exercises help make my body & mind feel great and in good form.

I have many martial artists that I admire. One of them is the Thai actor, Tony Jaa or Jaa Phanom or Phanom Yeerum. He’s really good at what he does, I think. I watch his films quite often to get some inspirations. Finally, a Thai martial arts actor who manages to make a big breakthrough internationally. It never happened before. It was used to being Chinese actors who are good at in this field, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan.

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Doing screen combat, fight choreography, and firearms training.

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