Yoga Classes Made Me Feel Amazing!

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I attended the yoga classes yesterday, which were Fundamentals and Yin Yoga classes. Each class lasted 1.15 hours. So, for two classes, I spent 2.5 hours there. It was an amazing experience! I felt so wonderful both physically and mentally after that. It was something I had wanted to do for the very long time, but was indecisive to even get started. Now, I have done it, finally. I wanted to go again today, but I have to go to dancing class as well. Then, it would be too much. I have a membership for the whole month, to attend the yoga workshops as many and as often as I like. So, I will go again when I have time to do so. Maybe, about 3-4 days a week. Because, I don’t only do yoga. I also go to dancing, martial arts, Thai boxing, etc. every week. So, I do, in fact, exercise every day – just in various forms and skills.

I’m also working on my next showreel, which I will try to perform American accent. I’m still practising the accent before I make the footage. It’s quite hard when you live in UK and American accent is not my native language. And I also speak Thai, Danish, and English. So, I have quite an interesting accent with a combination of the 3 accents together. Anyway, I will try my best. It’s all about practising and practising. So, I’m not ready to make my next video yet, not until I have mastered the American accent. Maybe, in the next couple of days, I will be ready. I want to feel totally confident first. I don’t care if I don’t sound 100% American. I wasn’t born and raised in America anyway. But, the fact that I try is better than nothing. To try and fail and not to even try, I think, I choose to try.

Yin Yoga

Doing one of the positions of the fundamentals.

yoga workshop

Had time to take a selfie while I was waiting for the yoga class to begin.

yoga fundamentals

Just finished the first yoga workshop and waiting for the next class. I felt amazing already! 

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