The Lights Went Out

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I am still busy planning my filmmaking projects ahead. I have lots of activities waiting. After my horor short is over, I will begin to work on my drama screenplay. I have not had time to finish revising it. I want it to be a good script, which requires lots of time and devotion to really rewrite it. It’s my first spec script, after all. So, it has to be good. Tomorrow, I will go buy new lights for my flat since they went out yesterday. Then, I can try to finalise the redraft tomorrow. I’m nearly there. Besides that I also have lots of other things to do. So, it’s hard to focus on one specific thing when there are so many things that need my attention and need to be done as well. I will try to take one thing at a time. I can do this. I have to complete all my tasks no matter how tough they will be.

If the lights didn’t go out yesterday, I think I might have finished the rewrite yesterday or today. I was determined to carry it through yesterday. I did go through it scene by scene, making myself a cup of coffee, some snacks by the laptop, not answering emails, and so on. But then something had to happen to slow me down. Today, I was thinking to continue to edit it. But then I also have many other important things to do as well. So, I must prioritise what is the most vital thing to do first at the minute. I don’t have the luxury to just stay home and write. So I only write when I actually have time to do so, which not much. I also need to relax. I work too much lately with lots of things at once. Now I can feel that I am very exhausted. I think I need a vacation or something. But I am not going anywhere before my work is done which is my short horror filmmaking project and my feature-length drama script that I have to finish editing it completely.

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