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New One Woman Show: Will You Marry Me?

Here’s a new one-woman show video: Will You Marry Me? When I did the solo performance videos I made lots of shows at once. Why not? When I have plenty of time to do so I make lots of videos at once. Then, I don’t have to think about making a new one every day since I will be busy with lots of things daily. So when I have time I take a full advantage of it to record as many shows as possible and save them individually – one video one play. And that’s why I have so many clips from different productions to post each day.

Acting is fun. I love it and never get tired of it. I cannot wait to act in my own upcoming feature film if I decide to make the movie myself. I have a good feeling that my screenplay is going to be good. Therefore I really try to finish it asap, but at this moment I’m also too busy with lots of things, so my mission to complete my manuscript as soon as possible isn’t that possible anyway. But I’m working on it, to finish it as quickly as I can every time I have a chance to continue with it.

And If I made the movie myself I then had the opportunity to produce it, play in it, and direct it. So it could establish 3 careers for me in 3 different fields, which I will just call it a filmmaker to make it sound less complicated. Because, it doesn’t matter if you’re a producer or a director or an actor, and the like, you are a filmmaker. So when I think about the rewards of turning it into a movie myself it’s likely that I want to produce the film myself.

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