BTO Horror Short Film

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My horror short film BTO will begin its principal photography very soon. Can’t wait! I’m spending my whole week this week looking for cast & crew. I now have only about 3-4 members left to form a team. Next week, I will resume my search for cast & crew, including filming locations. I have rewritten the short script several times. I try not to edit it anymore. You can never finish developing the screenplay. There will always be something that you need to add or take out. That’s quite normal, I think. So I’d better stop now. Otherwise, I can just keep redrafting it for indefinitely. Writing short script helps build my confidence and skills to write a feature-length screenplay. That’s why I see it as a way of training myself to be a better writer ready to produce a longer and more complex manuscript, which is a feature-length screenplay. So I sometimes can’t stop myself from going back and continuing to revise my horror short.

But I have already completed my spec script, which is a drama. I’m just not happy with the revision. When I read it, it doesn’t sound entertaining enough in terms of the language use such as the literary devices, the linguistic devices. The plot or the story is good. But when you read it the writing style isn’t that captivating. I therefore need to refine it, until I find it an enjoyable read. People just can’t put it down. It’s my first feature-length screenplay, after all. So I want it to be as good as it can be. Anyway, I tell myself, this is the last time that I will rescript it. No more.

As I said earlier, you can never stop editing your script. So, I have to try to refrain myself from revising it repeatedly if I want to move on. Just one last rewrite. The screenwriting can be quite tricky. Consequently, it can be a trap to prevent you from moving on. Maybe that’s why so many aspiring writers have yet to finish writing their books or screenplays because they think it’s not good enough, never show to anyone or have shown to some but being put off by negative feedback, shove the drafts under the bed or in a drawer, and those drafts or books will never see the light of day again. So I just need to move on quick. I can’t go on forever.

Just experimenting with the special effects.

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