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A Solo Performance: Driving

I have two monologues to practise. I will do it tomorrow. This time is not a self-tape audition. One is an actual audition that I have to prepare my monologue for. And another one is a play. A real show that I have to perform for people at a venue – a solo performance which I write the piece myself. So, I’m so excited! I’m getting more and more busy. I have to keep an eye on my calendar, not to miss any meetings, shows, auditions, networking events, and more. And I also have to start looking for fund to make my film or trying to sell my screenplay. So every day, I have a to-do list that I have to follow closely since it’s very important that I achieve my goals. I used to dislike a to-do list because I think it limits your creativity. But now if I want any success in my career, I have to start taking it seriously and following every step it takes to make my dreams come true. I can’t waste my time no more. I had spent my time unwisely for more than a decade in the past. It’s time to get myself together and go after what I want and do whatever I can to get there where I want to be.

The above is my 4th solo performance video: Driving. I have to remember to make acting videos every week, to train my acting skills. So I try to maintain that as well. But I still have some videos that I made some weeks ago which I recorded myself doing several one-person shows. It’s really good. So I can just post that for now until I am done with posting the last one, which I still have one more to go, I will then make a new series again. Or maybe, I will just make a fresh one each time I want to upload a new video to YouTube. So each time, I get the chance to perform anew. I then might get a new, excellent idea weekly. If I did multiple performances in one go, my acting styles and stories might not diverse that much. So maybe it’s better to come up with an up-to-date show each week instead.

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