How I Change Over Time

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When I look at my photos from all the jobs I have done I see how I change over time. Each job gives me different look and personality, depending on the outfits and accessories I wear as well. It’s amazing how apparel and jewelry transform people. Sometimes, I look very old, sometimes young & trendy, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes I look like ME. So today, I will share some images of me which each of them I looked, completely, like a different person:

1. The Sun Newspaper Photoshoot –

Sofia Vergara’s Recreation Shoot 2017

This was my own dress. But, I did not do the makeup. Shooting for The Sun, they, of course, provided the makeup artist.

2. Filming “My Dinner with Hervé” 2017

My Dinner with Hervé

This was not the actual outfit I wore during filming. We were in the holding area between takes.

3. Filming Boots Commercial Summer 2017

My own outfit.

4. COOP Christmas Commercial 2016

ASDA Christmas commercial 2016

This one was my own outfit as well. This advert did not show in UK. It only showed in Eastern Europe, I think.

5. Peacock Christmas Commercial 2016

This one the costume team dressed me. I had to wear clothes from Peacock, after all.

6. Filming “The Anomaly” in 2013

My own costume in this one. I had a very long hair back then. I miss my long hair, actually. I’m used to long hair. I have to grow my hair long again.

7. Filming “EastEnders” Summer 2017

My own outfit.

8. Filming “Hampstead” Summer 2016

My own outfit.

9. Filming “Swimming With Men” Summer 2017

My own outfit.