American Accent Class

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Just got home from American accent class. It’s been a long day. But it’s worth it, I think. I really got to practise the American accent by reading the scripts out loud with my classmates. We had to read different characters up in American accent and interact with each other, as if we were, actually, talking to each other in a film, which was fun and practical at the same time. I learned a lot about how to read and understand the script the right way, the way that the screenwriter wants you to, which is also very useful when you have to read the script up during the audition – how to act according to the screenwriter’s intention of the script – how to understand my character in the script, the environments, the characters I have to interact with, and many more. It’s, in fact, not easy when you have to see the whole thing in the big picture. Now I understand why some (famous) actors really got into character, which took them months or even years to get out of that character again.¬†It’s something I have never thought of before. I want to be a serious actor. And this was exactly what I needed to learn, too. So I didn’t just learn how to read the script in¬†American accent, but I learned many other things on top of that as well that helped me understand the art of acting much better. Now my jaws, tongue, and throat hurt a little. Of course, I have spent the whole day since morning to evening trying to speak and read several scripts in American accent. The tutor did warn us that when we get home we will, definitely, feel the pain. And I still have to continue to practise the tongue movements daily, or as often as I can. This method is important to exercise as well since this is how it also helps shape American accent different from British accent.