Martial Arts and Exercises

I enjoy all forms of exercises except going to the gym. I don’t like going to fitness club. I don’t know why? But when it comes to yoga, martial arts, dancing, and the like, I am ok with that. I think, it’s something more exciting because it doesn’t give me a sense of that I have to work out and I also get to learn new, useful, multiple skills. Therefore I find the above-mentioned activities more appealing to do. I will try to go to yoga tomorrow as well. I forgot to book today. If I tried to book the class tomorrow on the same day it might have already been filled. But then, there’s always Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday………

Sword & Shield stage combat.
Firearm training for Film & TV.
Some kung fu fighting.

Martial arts is my top favourite because I get to exercise and learn new, different skills, for example, boxing and kickboxing, a little bit of kung fu, sword & shield stage combat, unarmed fighting, including the firearm training for Film & TV as well. Therefore, I get the whole package. But it’s a 3-hour long training. So, it can be rather exhausted. But I don’t attend the workshop that often anymore since I spend each day trying to finish my screenplay instead. But once my script is done, I will try to go to martial arts class more regularly.

At the yoga class and I love it. Yoga helps improve my flexibility. The same with dance. And that’s why I try to go to dancing class once or twice a week as well. So, if I go to yoga, dancing, and martial arts classes each once a week, then I will have trained at least 3 times a week which is good. That’s what everybody needs to do in order to maintain a healthy body. I also try to walk at least 30 minutes a day from now on if I can because I sometimes have to work all day from very early in the morning, then it’s not possible to do exercises.

From the contemporary dancing class. I enjoy the class very much. I supposed to attend the class today which I usually attend the lesson on Saturdays. But because today I had to work on set so I couldn’t. Well, I could if I wanted to since we were wrapped early today. But because I was too tired having been busy with lots of things the whole week. I also attended a solo performance acting class for 2 days – yesterday and the day before yesterday. And I already exercised a lot in these 2 days, lots of body movements. So my body was quite exhausted. So I just skipped the dancing class today and spent the rest of the day relaxing instead.

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