Film Editor

I created this this intro text with Adobe premiere pro & after effects together, to see how it looks. It’s ok. But because, it doesn’t illustrate the 80s that much since my film is set in the 80s (or, maybe it does anyway?). And that’s why I didn’t really use it. It looks quite bloody and scary, though. And it seems to suit my horror short title “Blood Group O” better, I think. I could edit my own short film instead of searching for a new editor. But then, I will be busy with lots of things. I therefore don’t really want to edit the film, too, which may be too much. But I might anyway. It’s only 5 minutes short film. So, I may be able to spend some time to edit the film as well because I know exactly how I want it to look. But sometimes, it’s better to delegate the job to someone else. You just can’t do everything yourself, even though you could. And that’s why, although I could edit the film myself, but maybe I wouldn’t anyway. I made this intro text just to see, this is how I want the tone and style of the film to be.

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