A Solo Performance

Yesterday, I thought I wasn’t going to attend an acting class today since I wanted to try to finish my screenplay asap. But I did attend a solo performance or a one person show acting class today anyway. And I have to continue tomorrow as well. It’s a 2-day acting workshop. Gaining new acting skills or always improving my acting skills is vital to my acting career, too, if I also want to take my acting career seriously besides writing career.

I love telling good stories. And that’s why I want to be an actor, writer, and director. So a solo performance seems to be a perfect show, to try my skill as an excellent storyteller. It’s a challenge to try to act and entertain the audience with just yourself. But I think, it doesn’t matter it’s a one person show or a normal show with lots of actors because if the acting isn’t good no one is gonna like the play anyway. It’s all in the performance. I think that’s the key. But, of course, if you have to perform alone you will strive to make it a great show as much as possible since how good or bad the piece is depends on just you.

The class was quite physically demanding. We moved around a lot, to learn to utilise the space around us in our performances. Just like dancing and martial arts classes. It’s good that I also go to dancing and martial arts classes sometimes (I try to go more often) which the body movements are kind of similar. So my body is used to the same movement techniques to some extent. Therefore it’s not something entirely new for me. The lesson started from morning and finished 17:30 PM. Consequently, I spent the whole day exercising. Now, I can feel the exhaustion.

As a result of that I will go to bed early today, ready to continue the acting class tomorrow. After this blog post, I will continue to work a little bit more on my script. Then, I will go to bed. But maybe, I will watch a good movie first.

All the photos are from Covent Garden since the acting school I went to today is in Covent Garden.

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